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When it comes to trout fishing the bait choice list is endless. From insects both live and artificial to inline spinners and even manufactured dough style baits. This extensive list of choices tends to make choosing the most effective bait to use for trout a very challenging affair.

Well, opinions on what is the best power bait for trout fishing vary greatly. But then, in as much as most of these baits are good, only a few can be termed as the best.

In this article, therefore, we are going to discuss power baits for trout and not just any baits but three of the most popular and effective power baits for fishing trout.

Here are three best baits for trout fishing listed in no particular order. As I said, they are all good, but these 3 are what I consider the most effective for bait fishing trout.

1, Pautzke Salmon Eggs

Pautzke has been in the fishing bait industry for more than seven decades. If you ask me, that’s a whole lot of years and they sure have achieved great success in this sector and they continue to do so. Well, you can argue with success because it only means that Pautzke has gained quality experience over years to know what the market needs, in what shape and style.

Their salmon eggs, for instance, are one of the best baits used by fishermen to catch trout today. And as many of them will tell you, the effectiveness of bait eggs strongly relies on their quality and cure. Pautzke, in this case, has both of these things worked out and their salmon eggs cater for these two just as you would like it.

As if that’s not enough, the eggs are also quite attractive from a visual perspective and it is all thanks to its shiny texture and perfect size that help make trout fishing a breeze.

Worried about the cost? Well don’t be since these Pautzke salmon eggs are quite inexpensive, keep fairly well and aren’t messy like most other power bait; and if this helps, they do have a pleasant smell.

Take note that Pautzke eggs are a sinking bait and can thus be fished in many ways.

2, Berkeley Power Bait Dough

Berkley Powerbait Extra Scent Glitter Trout Bait

Berkley also makes a bait they call the ‘power bait dough’ that is made available in a variety of colors and scents.

Due to the variety of scents and colors, anglers are often advised to buy different flavors since some flavors tend to fade in effectiveness over time. For instance, you might find that the same

color and flavor that worked the previous fishing season is not working this season. So keep this in mind the next time you order the Berkeley dough baits.

Besides being available in numerous varieties, the Berkeley power bait dough is floating, moldable, easy to use and is the perfect size to entice trout. It is also long-lasting and has the ability to absorb and hold additional scents.

A notable disadvantage of these power eggs is the fact that they are pricey, messy, and kind of have a less pleasing smell. Otherwise, it is one of the best power bait for trout that you can use today.

3, Berkley Power Eggs

PowerBait Power Eggs Floating Magnum, Garlic, Soft Bait - Garlic

When it comes to trout baits, it’s hard to beat Berkley products. The company produces one of the best types of trout lures on the market which shouldn’t surprise you that the Berkeley power eggs have landed on this list.

These eggs are a recent development by the company and it’s amazing how fishermen have received them with so much enthusiasm.

Well, they ought to since these compared to the brand's dough style baits, these eggs are less messy and last longer. They are also available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, scents and glitter patterns which allow you to choose what you feel is the best for your fishing endeavors.

Being a Berkley product, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that these power eggs are quite pricey compared to Pautzke salmon eggs. They are also very unnatural.

What is the Best Trout Bait?

Learn more in the following video:

In Conclusion,

I know that there are more options when it comes to power baits for trout. Nonetheless, the above three choices are certainly what I would choose regarding the best power bait for trout. You will never go wrong with these baits.

You can try to learn and find out more choices on the internet or from your fishing supplies store.

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