Top 5 Best Pontoon Boat Grill in 2019

Looking for the best pontoon boat grill? Let’s see why you need one. Pontoon lovers make sure they will get the most out of their pontoon adventure on the water. On a pontoon boat, people enjoy just surfing on the water, for bird watching or spending some time together or they may also go fishing. When going on fishing on a pontoon boat, enjoying a fresh fish meal is the best thing one could ever do while enjoying a pontoon boat ride.

​But the issue that hinders the most is that the availability of the fuel for grilling on a pontoon is not possible for everyone. In that, you need to look for the grills that are either equipped with a liquid fuel container or they offer enough safety measure to use the grill on the boat.

​A compact, small, stable sized grill to be placed on the pontoon would do the best for those who want to enjoy the fish grilling adventure along with fishing and sailing on a water.
But where to find such grills? You can find them here as we have put all our efforts to sort out a list of best pontoon boat grills to help you choose a better one for you.

Our Top Choices

Weber Q1200 Propane Grill
Weber Q1200 Propane Grill
Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill
Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill

Top 5 best pontoon boat grill 2019

Our top 5 best pontoon boat grills that you may be able to use safely are reviewed below:



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Extreme Marine Cuisinart Products Pontoon Boat Grill

Extreme Marine Cuisinart Products Pontoon Boat Grill

Coleman RoadTrip Portable Propane Grill

Coleman RoadTrip Portable Propane Grill

Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill

Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill

Weber Q1200 Propane Grill

Weber Q1200 Propane Grill

Magma Products Gourmet Series Gas Grill

Magma Products Gourmet Series Gas Grill

 #1, Extreme Marine Cuisinart Products Pontoon Boat Grill - Best Portable Gas Grill for Tailgating

​Cuisinart Extreme pontoon boat grill has a design quality unmatched by many in the industry. It is specifically designed for pontoon boats with a strong propane tank mount.
Looking at the grill, you would think it is heavy. Rather, the reverse is the case. It is quite light as it weighs just 18 pounds. This makes it very portable and suitable as your companion on the sea.

Extreme Marine Cuisinart Products Pontoon Boat Grill

With the drop-speed base, there will be less boat drag and better fuel efficiency. Bingo inflatable tube comes with knuckle guards, double webbing handles, and heavy-duty zippers. You will also love the deep cockpit design with raised backrest for extreme and secure riding. It contains 2 riders on the boat.

It has a large cooking area, locking lid, drip tray, and a stainless steel burner. In addition, the grill is very easy to use. Whether you are a professional or a newbie, the simple instructions are easy to follow.

This model comes along with its cuisine box too. It can be mounted on 1.25 inches pontoon boat railings. In addition, it has a customizable feature to work well with Arnall Grill Brackets. And you don’t need any special tool to install the grill. The 145 sq. in. the grilling surface is enough for any grilling task you want to undertake.

It is easy to take the grill off the mount. Just screw out the four big nobs from the base of the grill and it’s off. The Arnall’s brackets already come preinstalled, so there is no need to worry about installation.

 #2,Coleman RoadTrip Portable Propane Grill - Best Portable Propane Grill

Coleman RoadTrip is arguably the most popular grill in the market as far as pontoon boat grill is concerned. It has a unique collapsible design that makes it easy to transport. In fact, it can fit into virtually anywhere. The grill comes with the Instastart button for igniting the grill without a lighter or match. This makes things more convenient for you. Coleman has Swaptopp cooktops which makes it possible to easily replace grill grates with stove grates and griddle.

Coleman RoadTrip Portable Propane Grill

The BTU capacity of the grill is also worthy of mention. It comes with 20,000 BTUs and a grilling space of 285 Coleman is a portable and foldable grill that makes things very convenient for you. It is also very affordable compared to some other pontoon grills in its class.
If you are looking for a very portable pontoon grill you can easily mount, this Coleman grill will surely deliver. It is ideal for different types of outdoor activities.

It is also very easy to clean up the grill. When it comes to durability, this portable boat is a leading figure in that aspect.

Those who need a portable pontoon grill with a moderate cooking chamber and nice accessories will love the overall design of this grill.

 #3, Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill  - Best Gas Grill for Boat

Magma is not a new name in the industry. This durable and stainless steel grill has style and quality. The grill is designed with 100% stainless steel, which makes it very easy to clean. Maintaining the grill is also very easy.

Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill

There is wind baffle/catch pan where grease can settle and later cleaned out. It does not take time to bring it up to the right temperature. If you need set up your grill for a quick grilling task, Magma gas grill will be as fast as you would want. This is because of its excellent heat distribution and top quality burner.

Although installation is a breeze, it still needs the grill mounting hardware for mounting on your boat. This is not difficult though. Even if you are not technically gifted, you can easily mount the grill without much stress.

It comes with turbo venturi tube for proper adjustment of the valve sideways, onboard, or inboard. The venture is also very important for safety reasons. It combines with the burner to prevent blowouts.

But note that it does not include fuel canister. So, you have to get that separately if you need it. It uses a convection heating system that helps minimize fuel consumption. It offers a wide range of accessories and mounting options to fit the grill into your boat.

 #4, Weber Q1200 Propane Grill - Weber q Best Price

Weber is known for sturdiness and top quality construction. The body is designed with top quality aluminum while the cooking grates have solid porcelain-coated cast iron. This makes the grill one of the strongest in the market.

Weber Q1200 Propane Grill - Weber q Best Price

The control burner valve, as well as electronic ignition, ensures ease of startup. The product comes pre-assembled in the box. So, there is no worry about assembling the unit by yourself. A newbie will cherish this feature. With 189 sq. inch cooking area and 8,500 BTU, there is no doubt that Weber has really represented in terms of efficiency and timeliness.

Weber Q1200 has a shroud and cook box which holds all the components of the grill, such as burner tubes and cooking grates.

The solid design of the Weber grills means that it can withstand higher temperature until the grilling task is complete.

It ensures even cooking surface for both indirect and direct cooking. The cookbox’s shape allows it to evenly circulate heat throughout the chamber.

It is portable and has ergonomic side handles for easy transport. The built-in thermometer gives you the confidence of controlling temperature for the food. Above all, its adaptation on pontoon boats makes Weber a perfect choice for those who want to mount the grill on their pontoon.

 #5, Magma Products Gourmet Series Gas Grill - Best Marine Grill

Here is another top quality pontoon boat grill model from the Magma brand. This model is unique because it comes with a dynamic combustion system. The single feature will help you streamline your grilling task. Magma 2 Infra-Red has electronic ignition, which makes it easier to start a fire. In addition, the grill comes with disposable canister and a grilling area of 162 square inches.

Magma Products Gourmet Series Gas Grill - Best Marine Grill

The design of the grill surely makes a statement when it comes to style and functionality.
The integrated 4-way locking access provides more efficiency.

It also comes with a regulator/ control valve to guide grillers when making their favorite grilled foods onshore. And it’s a good thing the grill is manufactured in the USA. It will increase some customers’ level of confidence. This is because the grill has passed through various certifications in the US. If you are looking for the most ideal pontoon boat grill, these options mentioned above are right for you.

The body of the grill is designed with stainless steel mirror polish to make it easy to clean. This grill is well constructed to provide an alternative for those looking for a portable grill they can take out with them on their boat or pontoon.


Q: Can we grill or enjoy grilling on a pontoon boat?

A:Yes, if you have the right kind of pontoon boat grill offering all features that are needed, you can surely grill on a pontoon boat.

Q: Which things are important to consider when choosing a grill for use on pontoon boats?

A: For choosing a grill that can be used on a pontoon boat you need to see if that comes with a stand that can be attached on the railing or is stable enough so that you don’t have a threat to get it turned over on the boat. You may also look if you will get a fuel container that is also safe to use on a boat. It should be compact and easy to carry and use without making a mess around.

Q: How to assure the safety of a grill on a pontoon?

A: Look if the grill comes with an attachment stand so that you can keep it attached to your boat without having a threat to be spilled or turned over the boat.
It is probably possible to have a great grilling adventure while on your pontoon boat journey with the right kind of best pontoon boat grill. You can choose the one that is compact and lightweight but offers corrosion resistance and sturdy performance where you need. We hope you can surely find the best one here in our shortlisted grilling gadgets.

Top 5 Best Pontoon Boat Grill in 2019
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