What Is The Best Pontoon Boat Cover ?

​A pontoon boat is surely an investment of a lifetime and to keep it safe and secured from various weather effects while in storage, it needs to have the best pontoon boat cover on it. Mostly pontoon boat covers come with certain protection features that keep your boat safe from extreme weather conditions and dust even if it is stored in your backyard or in any of the storage facility.

​When you in the process of selecting the pontoon boat cover, you must be aware of the fact that it should be of the size that suits your pontoon and will truly serve your boat by protecting it from the weather conditions.

Top 5 Best Pontoon Boat Cover


Classic pontoon boat cover has come a long way in the industry. It’s a true classic cover that provides the necessary protection your pontoon boat needs. The cover comes with dual air vents, which minimizes inner moisture. The air vents also helps to keep the cover in place during heavy winds.

The heavy-duty fabric used for making the cover provides durability during extreme weather conditions. It offers repellency and 100% water resistance for the cover. And the polyester fabric does not have any PVC carcinogenic chemicals, which makes its safe for breathing. The trailer-friendly cover is designed to suit most types of pontoon boats.

The cover helps you keep your boat clean and tidy. This saves you loads of time you would have used in cleaning the boat whenever you need it. This unit also comes with elastic hem cord, trailering bags, and storage bag.

This pontoon cover stays very tight and properly fitted into the pontoon because of its well sewn elastic cord.
Its elastic cord makes sure it can cover up longer pontoon boats. There are adjustable straps to hold the cover in place without wind distortion.

Although this pontoon cover may be more expensive than some other models, its overall features make it worth more than the price. The cover comes with 5-year product warranty as well.


Here is another durable pontoon boat cover that provides the right protection for your pontoon boat. It is used as a shield against harsh weather elements such as snow, leaves, rain, and wind.

With this cover, you are assured your pontoon boat will stay clean and tidy at all times. You don’t need to bother about cleaning every time you want to use the boat. No matter how long you cover your boat, it will remain as new and fresh as ever whenever you are ready to use it. It also comes with a warranty.

The 1200 denier polyester material makes it repellent as well as water resistant. The dual thickness makes it a very solid and durable material for pontoon boats. In addition, the material is highly breathable, unlike some other cover materials with dangerous chemicals. Moreover, the cover is pretty easy to setup. It doesn’t take much time to completely roll up the cover over the boat.

Another interesting feature is the strong shock cord which ensures a secure fit on the boat. If you are looking for the right pontoon cover to block the harsh effect of the sun and protect against mildew, this model will be a great option.

 BUDGE 600 D PONTOON BOAT COVERS - Best rated boat covers

If you are looking for a tough and rugged pontoon cover for maximum protection, Budge 600 D may be ideal for you. This versatile and elastic cover fits boats between 20 and 24 inches with a beam width of 104 inches. It could fit most types of modern pontoon boats.

The design of the cover will surely keep your boat secure from extreme weather and other factors. Like other top quality models, this one is completely waterproof. It is effectively sealed to prevent water penetration. This gives you rest of mind, knowing your pontoon boat is safe and protected.

If you are concerned about its breathability, worry no more. It is well designed to prevent mildew, mold, and reduce rust.

It also comes with buckles and sewn-in strap for more security. In addition, the cover comes with full elastic hem, which fits most pontoon boats the right way. Another feature is the open vents on the cover, as it provides better air circulation.

The 600 diner polyester fabric makes it strong enough to protect the boat against direct sunlight. Extreme level of heat can take its toll on pontoon boats. But Budge 600 Denier has the right thickness to prevent the impact of harsh weather. Overall, this unit is the ultimate cover that provides protection against the harsh condition of the environment on your boat.

 BRAND NEWGREY/GRAY PONTOON BOAT COVERS - Best boat cover for outdoor storage

Just like other models reviewed above, Vortex elastic pontoon cover is well designed to stand the test of time. It comes with heavy-duty 600 D waterproof fabric, making it tough on harsh weather.

It also prevents rain or dews from penetrating the pontoon boat. There are straps and elastic bands in place to provide added security. This Vortex ultra-pontoon boat cover can fit into most modern sizes of boats. It is designed in a way that water vapor from excessive heat can dissipate while keeping rain water out. And the durability of this unit is unquestionable.

It also comes with trailering and storage bag. There is 5-year product warranty on this cover. It shows the level of assurance the company has on quality.

The unit can cover deck or pontoon boats with beam of 102 inches and area between 14ft and 16ft. This is a standard size as it can fit most types of pontoon boats.

However, you may need some kind of support system to prevent the cover from collecting rain. Yes it is water resistant, but it may store water on the surface of the cover. You can look for an arch support to make sure it sheds water whenever it rains.

 Vortex NEW BEIGE 24' DECK/PONTOON BOAT COVER  - Best boat covers for small boats

Vortex produces some of the most durable boat covers in the industry. This unit comes with straps and elastic band to make sure it stretches over the pontoon boat. They are designed to be resistant to harsh weather conditions.

The 12 straps help to secure the boat and keep it properly covered. Storms and heavy winds will not be a problem, because the cover is solidly built to withstand all these.

With 600D waterproof fabric, you have a solid material that can effectively keep water from the boat. No worries about rain with this fabric.

Vortex pontoon cover supports beam of about 120 inches and ideal for covering pontoon boats between 22 inches and 24 inches. The cover is quite thick and does not tear easily. The cover also comes with 5 years warranty. This level of warranty is rare in the industry. It just shows the level of confidence the company has on their product.

However, a lot of people feel the price is a bit high compared to other types of pontoon covers. This should be expected based on its overall quality. Remember you usually get what you pay for. If you are really looking to give your boat that protective cover, it’s not a bad idea to spend a decent amount of cash to have a nice cover.


Q: Which features to consider when buying the best pontoon boat cover?

A: You need to be sure that the cover protects the boat from sunlight, water, rain effects, dust and stormy winds and is waterproof. The cover must come in proper size that covers the whole pontoon and has a corded or elastic hem to make sure it stays stable and firm around the pontoon. In addition to that, the cover may also offer cords and straps to make sure it stays wrapped around the boat without any hassle.

Q: Does a pontoon boat cover protects the whole boat with the motor as well?

A: In most cases if you have bought a cover that is enough to cover the size of the boat, it will surely cover the boat as well because pontoon boat covers have a baggy fit to accommodate the boat reasonably and you can expect to cover the motor on it as well.

Q: What kind of fabric is good for pontoon boat cover?

A: Thick, waterproof and higher gauge fabric is usually preferred in order to make sure the boat stays safe and the cover does not show wear and tear soon.
In most cases when people need to find the best pontoon boat cover, they usually need the ones that will protect their boat from all external factors. It is surely possible if you have a quality cover with the best fabric and overall coverage so that you will not have to face any issues if you have to put your boat in storage.

Some covers are good to use when you have your boat on a trailer, some are good when it is on a stand or some have been designed to cover the boat wherever you place it. Look for the best one that suits your need and make use of our detailed review to find out what you need.