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Using some of the best mechanical broadhead for crossbow and related accessories help a lot in targeting and hunting down the most desired game targets. In case if you are looking for smoother, high-end and well-structured mechanical broadhead for the crossbow, you may need to look for certain features like the weight, impact, wound channel and sharpness etc. You have to make sure that you are going to get the most reliable option for your hunting game.

Our Top Choices

Grim Reaper X-Bow 3 cut blade Broadhead
Grim Reaper X-Bow 3 cut blade Broadhead
Excalibur X-Act Mechanical crossbow broadhead
Excalibur X-Act Mechanical crossbow broadhead

Mechanical Crossbow broadheads have different features that set them apart from each other. But there are certain features you need to look for when buying the ideal mechanical broadhead. Below are the most important features you need to consider for these:

Wound Channel

This refers to the exten of damage done on the target. A broadhead with a bigger wound channel will prevent the animal from running too far from you before collapsing. The main feature that determines this is the weight and cutting diameter of the broadhead. A wider diameter will obviously leave bigger wound impact than a broadhead with a smaller cutting diameter.


The broadhead’s weight is seriously important if you are looking to cause a big damage to the target. However, a heavier mechanical broadhead will seriously reduce the distance it can go because of the weight. Lighter broadheads fly farther but make a lesser hole and leave a lesser blood trail. So your choice depends on what you want and your hunting goals.

Edge of the Blade

When shopping for a broadhead, it’s important to select a surgically sharp edge to make sure the broadhead penetrates its target. Some blades bend when they go through the kill. Try selecting a broadhead with a stronger blade for precision and faster kill.

Design and Durability

You wouldn’t want to buy a mechanical crossbow broadhead that breaks or bends at the heat of the action. Mechanical blades are made of different materials, which explain why some are more durable than others. When buying your ideal model, select the type of durable material and steel blades. Steel will not corrode easily and they are considerably stronger than other types of materials.

The Speed Of Opening Upon Impact

The speed and smoothness of broadhead opening upon impact also matter a lot that depends on the components and the engineering technology used to make the broadhead. Make sure the one you choose comes with a better, smoother and quicker impact on the target.
These are the most important features of mechanical crossbow broadheads. It’s vital to understand what you really want in a crosshead and the features that make more sense to you. If you are going for big game animals, a heavier broadhead will be more ideal.

Top 5 Best Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead

We have sorted some of the reliable and top performing mechanical crossbow broadheads to narrow down the option and save more time while keeping up with the best features you may need.

#1. Excalibur X-Act Mechanical crossbow broadhead

Excalibur X-Act is designed with industry-leading technology to provide the most durable crossbow broadheads for serious archers. The strong design of this arrow makes it quite durable and long lasting. If you are going on a hunting trip, it’s always nice to select the proper arrow that cuts through and penetrates your targets. This broadhead is equal to the task as it has a strong velocity with maximum impacts on targets. It comes with “Clip-Loc” blade system that securely holds blades and eliminates any need for “rubber bands” or “O-rings”.

They are ideal for enthusiastic archers looking to have a great time on their shooting expedition. With this arrow, aiming from a far distance provides more accuracy because it’s quite balanced on the air and reaches its target swiftly. It’s also the type of crossbow broadhead you would love if you are having your first shots. Overall, Excalibur broadhead is certainly a high-quality mechanical arrow designed with strong materials to provide accuracy on targets.


  • Super clip blade control
  • Has great accuracy on targets
  • The strong clip system eliminates any need for rubber bands or O rings
  • Comes with a mechanical blade that cut effectively


  • A bit more expensive

#2. Grim Reaper X-Bow 3 cut blade Broadhead

If you really want to have an effective and accurate broadhead but short on cash for an expensive model, this broadhead will surely be an ideal option. Despite its affordability, Grim Reaper is well designed for use on high-speed crossbows. It’s a 125-grain broadhead with 1 1/2 ½ cutting diameter. That should be enough to bring most targets down. The velocity is also impressive and they fly very well.

When it comes to accuracy, Grim Reaper is definitely among the top broadheads in that aspect. Its edges are remarkably sharp compared to other high-end broadheads in the market. Although this model doesn’t fly very far, their accuracy is top notch, which makes them quite ideal for both new and experienced archers. If you are going on a field trip or for some shooting practice with this arrow, every shot will be right where you want it.


  • Impressively sharp edges for maximum impact
  • High accuracy on targets
  • One of the cheapest broadheads
  • Nice cutting diameter
  • They fly very well on the air


  • May not be ideal for distances of more than 75 yards
  • Not as solid as durable as some other models

#3. Muzzy Crossbow bow hunting Broadheads

This Muzzy hybrid broadhead has all the answers you will need in a crossbow broadhead. With its steel ferrule design, the arrow is no doubt one of the most durable models available. Although it’s still new in the market, its overall quality makes it a very special crossbow broadhead for archers. Another interesting feature about Muzzy Broadhead is the surgically sharp edges of the blade that penetrates the target swiftly. The offset fixed blade induces spinning of the arrow to help it fly better.

With 1 5/8 expandable diameter and stainless steel blades, you are sure of hitting your targets with purpose and precision. Moreover, Muzzy crossbow broadhead is moderately priced considering its overall features. But the accuracy, velocity, and blades are the reasons why Muzzy is highly rated in the market. If you are looking for a standard crossbow broadhead with all the right features, this model is certainly the answer.


  • Comes with very sharp blades for a precise cut
  • Designed with stainless steel blade for durability
  • One of the most accurate broadhead models
  • Features 1 5/8 expandable diameter


  • Practice tip not included in the package

#4. Rage Bowhunting Broadhead

Here is another affordable and superior quality broadhead for bow hunting. This hypodermic broadhead features the innovative hybrid tip for accuracy and precision. Unlike most other models, Rage provides free practice tip for beginners looking to give themselves more shooting time in preparation for the real target. Another feature you will love in this broadhead is the shock collar technology for improved retention of the blades. With 2” cutting diameter, there is probably no target that can escape the grip of the arrow. They fly accurately as they create legendary wound trails behind.

With all these features, it’s a bit surprising the arrow is quite affordable compared to some other models in its class. That’s why it’s highly regarded among enthusiastic archers. Experienced archers looking to take their shooting abilities to the next level will need the right broadhead for crossbow and arrow. Fortunately, Rage Bow hunting is an affordable and durable broadhead that provides good velocity and accuracy on targets.


  • Leaves visible blood trail
  • Comes with 2’’ cutting diameter for good penetration
  • Very durable and quite affordable
  • Flies precisely and stays accurate on targets


  • Penetration not hard enough

#5. NAP Spitfire Mechanical Broadhead

Nap is not a new name in the archery and crossbow industry. In fact, the company has been in business for more than 3 decades, producing some of the best crossbows broadheads for hunting and other purposes. This NAP Spitfire broadhead is new in the market, but it surely maintains the same quality line as other NAP models. One thing you will love about the product is the precision and weight of target. It’s ideal when hunting a dear or other bigger animal that require stronger and precise arrow to bring them down.

NAP Spitfire features a sturdy design for big game animals. The 2-inch diameter is quite large enough to do the damage and leave a considerable amount of blood for trace. Its surgically sharp blades can penetrate virtually any type of target even at a longer distance. If durability, accuracy, and precision are your watchwords when it comes to crossbow broadheads, this properly made model will certainly be valuable to you.


  • Leaves a good amount of blood trail behind
  • Comes with a large diameter of 2 inches for a sustained effect
  • A strong design that can stand the test of time
  • Precise and accurate even from a longer distance


  • It comes with small entrance holes so that might be tricky to set up

So, it’s important to understand clearly the features you need when selecting the best mechanical broadhead. Generally, the more features a crossbow has the more expensive it will be. Consider the overall cost, features, and usability before taking that final buying decision. For the best mechanical broadhead for crossbow, you must know your target, your crossbow features, your own skills and kind of impact you want for the target. Hopefully, our detailed guide and selected best hunting broadheads would help you choose a reliable option quickly.

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