Top 10 Best Marine Speakers in 2019

Have you ever thought of going on fishing without having anyone to talk or listen to? It is quite boring. Why don’t you keep and install the best marine speakers on your boat for listening to the tracks you like the most? It is easy to get things going if you have the right kind, size, and type of speakers on your boat having the capability to give you the best sound performance while bearing with the moist splashy water environment as well.

Our Top Choices

Pyle Dual 200 Watt power Marine Speakers
Pyle Dual 200 Watt power Marine Speakers
Pioneer 2-Way Marine Speakers
Pioneer 2-Way Marine Speakers

Top 10 Best Marine Speakers

Here we have discussed some of the best options and compared their features in details so that you know which of the best options exists online for you to buy.

Best Marine Speakers - Comparisons

#1. BOSS Audio MR50W Marine Speaker

BOSS MR50W Audio speaker is a 100% waterproof audio system that is ideal for use in the marine. It’s a lightweight and durable speaker with dynamic balance. The speakers are aluminum coated, which makes them resistant to corrosion.

The strong aluminum material makes its suitable for excellent performance in both high compression and high tension environments.

With 89 dB sensitivity and frequency response of 80Hz-20kHz, you have yourself a true quality sound amplifier.

BOSS MR50W marine speaker comes with a polyurethane cone. The material is durable, flexible, and resilient for superior quality sounds for a very long time.

The surrounding rubber is also another important feature of the speaker. This makes it perfect for boats and other marine machines because of the strong resistance to corrosion.
However, the speaker may seem large for some type of speaker holes. It will only fit in speaker holes with more than 6.5 inches. Anything less will be incompatible. So, you have to check with your speaker holes before buying this.

#2. Kicker 11 KB6000W Marine Speakers

The kicker is a top quality marine speaker that can make your experience on the water a memorable one. With a frequency range of 55 Hz to 21 KHz, you are sure to get excellent sound clarity no matter how high or low your music is.

When you compare ohms of impedance with other speaker units, you will understand just how good this one is. While other models most of 4 ohms of impedance, Kicker marine speaker has an impressive 8 ohms. They can take up about 75 watts of RMS power with a maximum power of 150 Watts.

Whether you are sitting by poolside or out on your boat, it’s important to have a speaker meant for a wet environment. That’s exactly what you get from these marine speakers. They are completely waterproof and corrosion resistant as well.
You don’t need to worry when they accidentally get wet. The waterproof housing will protect it from damage. Also, their easy mounting hardware makes them very easy to install

#3. Fusion MS-FR6021 2-Way Marine Speakers

Fusion marine speakers are engineered and designed for excellent audio performance in a water environment. They conform to the international ASTM standard for fog resistance and UV stability.

The speakers come with a titanium dome tweeter and curve cone technology for improved performance and durability. There are 2 grille options as the titanium tweeter keeps them stable while delivering maximum audio output.

With a frequency range of 70Hz to 22 kHz and 200 watts maximum capacity, you are assured of clear sounds without distortion.

Fusion marine speakers feature waterproof cone surrounds and completely sealed cross-over magnet. With 3 years product warranty, you are assured of absolute quality audio output for a very long time.

The rugged nature of these speakers makes them ideal for tough weather conditions in the sea. You will also not have issues with installation as a simple manual is provided to guide you. But it does not come with remote control.

This should not be too much of a flaw because the overall sound output and durability make up for such a flaw.

#4. Infinity Reference 2-Way Marine Speaker

Infinity Reference is designed basically for use on the water. It comes with UV resistant rubber and sealed polypropylene cone for stronger low-end and marine durability. The speaker has a frequency response of 50Hz to 20 kHz and power handling capacity of 225 Watts.

Infinity reference is the type of speaker you would want in your boat if you are looking for crystal clear audio sounds. It’s a leader when it comes to sound quality. The polypropylene cones of the speakers are sealed and resistant to corrosion.

There is no need to bother about water damage because the speaker is completely resistant. The magnet structure and sealed cone provide additional moisture protection. As a marine speaker, it comes with corrosion-resistant polymer basket that prevents salt and UV rays damage.

The sound output of the speaker is also another talking point here. The crystal clear sound is possible because of its high-frequency response. It may be more expensive than some other speakers, but its overall quality makes up for the price.


JL Audio marine speakers are 2-way speakers with corrosion and UV resistant grills and polymer baskets. This one doesn’t require an enclosure because it is a free air speaker. Whether you are onshore or offshore, the sound output of the speaker is always equal to the tasks.

It also comes with a poly switch tweeter that delivers unparalleled sound output. It strenuously resists heat, corrosion, and water, which makes the speaker ideal for marine use.

The nice power handling long woofer design makes sure your music comes loud and clear. But the speaker needs a wider space for effective performance. Otherwise, it will hinder its frequency performance.

There is a two-way crossover that is placed on the frame of the woofer. This provides the necessary mounting feature without any extra mounting provisions.

Overall, JL Audio marine speaker is a top quality speaker that is water resistant and suitable for marine use.

#6. Pioneer 2-Way Marine Speakers

Pioneer has always led the way while others follow in the industry. This 2-way marine speaker is certainly worth mentioning here. With 91 dB sensitivity and frequency response of 30Hz – 30 kHz, it delivers the perfect sound output for music lovers on the water.

Pioneer has an impressive dome tweeter with equalizer and magnetic fluid. It comes with an IMPP composite woofer that is 100% water resistant.

It is designed particularly for marine use. This is why the entire speaker has heavy duty construction that is durable even in harsh weather conditions.
With this marine speaker, you will enjoy your stay on shore as the pioneer speaker produces impressive sound output. However, this marine speaker may not be the best when it comes to power handling.
Each of the speakers makes use of elastomer surround, which running or color fading. To improve current transfer, the manufacturer used gold plated and gold tinsel wire terminals.

#7. Pyle Dual 200 Watt power Marine Speakers

This is another durable speaker properly designed for use in the marine. All its water-resistant features and watt capacity makes it one of the best options for the marine speaker.

This speaker has 90db sensitivity with an aluminum voice coil. It is designed with polycarbonate cone. There is a power output of 200 Watts, ABS grill and basket construction, and a butyl rubber surround.

It comes with 4 ohms impedance and frequency response of 85 Hz-20 kHz. And if you are worried about the weather, this speaker is weather resistant. It can resist serious water splashes and stay strong for a very long time.

The durable features and excellent aluminum coating of this marine speaker make it stand out among several other speakers.

Moreover, the speaker is very affordable compared to other similar units. If you are looking for a top quality marine speaker with impressive sound output, you won’t be disappointed with this model.

#8. Pyle Dual 200 Watt power Marine Speakers

Kenwood is a basic marine speaker that outperforms most other types of speakers in its category. The speaker comes with a water-resistant cone for maximum protection against water splashes and other conditions of the environment.

It is also very easy to install as it comes with a simple instructional manual. Kenwood has 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz for better audio output and great clarity.

The average cost of the speakers makes them even more impressive. If you want to buy a good quality marine speaker without breaking the bank, Kenwood will be great for you. The sound output is exceptional as it does not distort.

It has a solid construction and a waterproof design. However, it may not be directly compatible with smaller speaker holes. You could make them fit by sanding the hole a bit. Overall, Kenwood marine speaker is the right speaker for those who want to enjoy high-quality sound output in their boats or other water environments.

#9. Pyle Dual 200 Watt power Marine Speakers

A magnadyne marine speaker is the right weatherproof speaker you need for your marine adventures. It fits properly on different types of speaker holes in boats. But the most important features of this speaker are the impressive sound output and its water resistant capability.

It has a plastic encasement, which makes it resistant to heat, cold, and moisture. This speaker has a frequency response of 65 Hz to 16.5 kHz, impedance of 4 ohms, and maximum power handling capacity of 25 watts for each speaker.

If you are looking for OEM replacement for your hot tub speaker, this unit will serve as well. Magnadyne is also very easy to install as no expertise is required.

With 6.0z magnet weight and a dual cone design, you are assured of a durable high output speaker that can stand the test of time. But it is more ideal for marine or other outdoor water applications like pontoon boats.

#10. Pyle 6.5 Inch Dual 400w power Marine Speakers

Here is another premium quality waterproof marine speaker for boats and other water outdoor systems. It has a low profile design to accommodate the need to stay solid in tough conditions. The speaker is made with aluminum voice coil, which is suitable for marine watercraft, boats, and other types of water vehicles.

Just like other top quality speakers, this one is completely water resistant. It comes with butyl rubber surround on its polypropylene cone which makes it very solid and durable.
This marine speaker has 4 ohms impedance, 85Hz to 20 KHz frequency response, as well as maximum power capacity of 400 watts. It comes with complete mounting and wiring hardware, making it very easy to install.

Although it’s a small speaker, the high watt capacity shows that the sound output will be very impressive. Moreover, the quality of sound from the speaker is crystal clear. If you are looking for a good marine speaker, this model is one of the best options you may have.

Things To Consider When Buying Marine Speakers

As with automobile audio systems and speakers, your boat speakers are vital to good sound quality. When you pair the best speakers with a middle-quality receiver, it produces better sound output than having a cheap speaker with an expensive receiver. To get the best quality marine speakers for your boat, there are certain considerations you need to make.

What is the power handling capacity?

Although bigger speakers may perform better than smaller models in some instances, this is not necessarily the case most times. The most important factor when it comes to performance is the power handling capacity.

Make sure the speaker has at least RMS watts output to the receiver. This will keep the power level of the receiver in line with the speaker power capacity. Otherwise, you may risk blowing up your speaker when raising the volume of the music.

Decide whether you want flush mounted speakers or box speakers

One of the benefits of having box speakers is their ease of installation. They don’t require cutting holes in the boat to install them. However, they are larger and will definitely occupy more space than the flush mounted models.

On the other hand, flush mounted speakers are more compact and attractive. But their installation can be a bit tricky as they require a cutout. So you have to weigh in the benefits and shortfalls of both to decide which model you prefer.

Shielding and magnetic interference

If you want to install speakers near your compass, select models with magnetic shielding. If not, the exposed magnet in the speaker may pull off the needles from the magnetic compass. The magnets in speakers are very powerful and they can draw off the magnetic or electronic properties of your compass.

Number of drivers

Marine speaker drivers are either dual cone, coaxial (two-way) or triaxial three-way). You may want to know their differences.

The dual cone models are cheaper than other drivers, but they only have one voice coil. Coaxial speakers have an additional tweeter in the woofer which takes care of high frequencies. It provides accurate delivery of the sound range. On the other hand, triaxial speakers include a midrange driver to the tweeter and woofer for realism and additional fullness.

Look at the waterproof features

Most top quality marine speakers have waterproof features. But not all speakers with waterproof labels are completely water resistant. Some can be water resistant to an extent. So, how do you know which speaker is completely waterproof? Good question.
The material construction of the speaker will guide you. Choose speakers with UV-tolerant plastic, corrosion-resistant metals, neoprene rubber surrounds, or polypropylene cones. These materials can withstand the hash effect of salt water. Stay away from materials like paper cones, grilles, or steel frames. These are meant for an automobile or home speakers and not for marine speakers.

To make sure you enjoy your investment in marine audio systems, it is vital to select the right marine speakers that provide exactly what you need. The considerations above can help you select the right type of boat speaker for a pulsating experience when cruising.

To see the how to testing marine speakers check out the following video:


To better understand what you need when buying marine speakers, the answers to the following questions can provide a guide for you. These are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to marine speakers. We hope you can get answers to the most pressing questions you have here.

Q: What is the difference between water-resistant and waterproof?

A: “Water resistant” entails that the speaker is comfortable with light rains and splashes. But it cannot handle deep water immersion for long. On the other hand, waterproof means the speaker can withstand deep water for a long time without any issues. From the definition, it’s obvious which model is better on a boat.

Q: How do I install the marine speakers?

A: Installing a speaker in your boat is not difficult. Unlike in a car, there is no particular place designated for installing a marine speaker. You can install it almost anywhere.

You can place subwoofers and amplifiers under the seat. Midbass and midrange speakers and tweeters can be installed under the dash or the side panels. For the flush-mounted model, you can make use of cut-outs for the speakers and receiver. This is where the installation can be a bit tricky. But it can be done if you follow the instructions properly.

Q: What does a marine-related map include?

A: Generally, marine maps provide navigation to large lakes, major streams, rivers, and oceans. These maps usually include boating lanes, depths, and tide data.

Q: Is it possible to use an iPod or MP3 through the speakers and receiver?

A: Yes. Just like the home theater, it is possible to hook your musical source to the speaker and receiver. This feature is found in most high-quality marine speakers.

Q: Can car audio equipment work on my boat?

A: Since both car audio systems and boats use the same 12 volts, it is technically possible to use a car audio system on your speaker boat. However, the problem will be the lack of a waterproof feature. Car audio systems are not designed to resist water. So, you will have a problem with that.

Q: Between flush-mounted speakers and box speakers, which one should I choose?

A: The answer depends on what you value most. Generally, flush-mounted speakers are ideal when you are looking for a more attractive and compact speaker. On the other hand, box speakers are easy to install and do not require cutting of holes anywhere.

Q: What are the maintenance routines for marine speakers?

A: There are different ways you can maintain your speakers to make them last longer. First, you need to try to install them where they will be protected against too much water. Yes, they are waterproof, but it doesn’t help there longevity when they are constantly exposed to water.

You need to choose the best marine speakers as per your needs as compared to the available specs. Installing them in a safer place is the first step to take to ensure proper maintenance. However, it will not be applicable to coaxial speakers because they need to be installed in an open place. Installing them in an open place will improve their sound quality. In addition, clean up your speakers and audio systems after every trip. It will help with durability. Make sure you chose the right size, type and durable marine speaker you can rely on for a long time.

Top 10 Best Marine Speakers in 2019
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