The Best Inflatable SUP Reviews in 2019

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When you need a perfect head start to enjoy your holiday season while surfing, fishing, doing yoga in calm water or whatever you want to do on a calm yet exciting beachside, you need the best Inflatable SUP board. Though it seems quite obvious that when a person knows the value of having fun with a SUP there has to be much understanding of the main features and perfect styles that will double your fun all the way.

Though experts know what they need and why they would buy an inflatable SUP if you are buying your SUP for the first time ever in your life, you may need a little help because it is not easy to rely on just any of the available options. For your best, we have sorted some important information and a hand-picked list of top SUP options here.

Our Top Choices

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable SUP
Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable SUP
Atoll 11'0" Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board
Atoll 11'0" Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board



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Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable SUP Package 9'10"

34.8 pounds

PEAK Inflatable SUP Board with Adjustable Paddle, Coil Leash and Travel Backpack

29.4 pounds

Atoll 11'0" Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

43.65 pounds

ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10' All Around Stand Up Paddle Board

32.1 pounds

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

34 pounds

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Inflatable SUP

Buying the SUP for your first trip to a beachside or water body would take a bit if your time to search for the best features you need to look for in your inflatable SUP. Here are some important considerations:

The Durability

The durability of your inflatable SUP is surely an important thing to consider because if it is not made of high quality, sturdy and durable material, it would not last long if get poked or hit by pointed ends of stones. Always make sure you have the most durable one.

Length and Size

The inflatable SUP boards come in varying sizes which you can select as per your needs. Due to the fact you may need a large one to balance if you are taller or heavier and need more balancing space. While with an average height and weight you can prefer to have a 9ft or 10ft board whereas for taller people an 11 or 12ft board would work for best.


The width of the board plays an important role in determining the stability and balance of the board as well as its speeds and mode of action in the water. Narrow boards are faster while the wider ones are good for balancing on calm water for yoga or stable activities rather than the thrilling journey.


The thickness of the inflatable SUP boards also plays an important role in determining the stability of the board. These boards range around four to six inches on average. Thicker boards are stable thin boards may not be stiff enough to give a better balance.

Hull Type

Hull type matters a lot if you are going on a trip for a wide range of activities. Due to the fact, there are two main types of hulls which are:

  • Planning hull
  • Displacement hull

Planning hull in the SUP boards makes sure it stays stable and work smoothly on calm water with small or medium waves. Whereas the displacement hull works best for fast water pace, racing, surfing, fishing and fast water currents.

Front Rocker

Front rocker also facilitates the displacement speed, the ability to take fast turns and avoid getting caught by the wild waves. The lower the rocker means you will work great in medium waves and higher the rocker the better it will be able to fight higher waves to cut through the way easily.

Nose Point

Nose point helps in complimenting smooth movement, easy turns and faster movement across the water. Blunt or rounded nose allow better stability and smooth surfing on water bodies.


Fins on the SUP are one of the most important components on it as they play an important part in moving the board, turn as you turn and makes sure to keep the board going on the water.

There can be two different kinds of fins which are a screw in fins and the build in fins. For the inflatable SUP, the built-in fins work the best. Due to the fact, the fins which are built-in are sturdier whereas the ones which need to screws to be attached to the board are flimsy and may get off or loosened after some time. So, it better to look for the find which is not detachable.

Your Own Body Weight and Height

The user’s body weight and height also are important factors to consider. In case if you don’t, there will be issues in balancing and using the board as desired. For an average person with a body weight, 140lbs may need a 9ft board, for 200-250lbs a board having the length of 11-12ft would be the best. In addition to the weight, you may also need a longer board for taller people to balance out the board or the water.

​Different Types of Inflatable SUP Boards

Depending on the function or actions a board is capable to perform, you can find different types of inflatable SUP boards. The main types of best inflatable sup for ocean are:

  • All round inflatable SUP boards
  • Inflatable surfing SUP boards
  • Inflatable SUP boards for yoga
  • Inflatable racing SUP boards
  • Inflatable touring SUP
  • Inflatable fishing SUP boards

All these inflatable SUP have a specific design that works best under certain circumstances. In these different types of inflatable SUP boards, you may find the following specific features.

As for example, the all-around inflatable SUP board are designed to support multiple situations, these can work on medium or light waves and balance for good and smooth ride. These are great for the beginners and may provide sufficient accessories to help balance and surf better.

The best inflatable sup for surfing is good for surfing on wild waves have a broader nose and higher rocker to fight the high waves. They usually have more fins to cater the fast incoming waves.

Best inflatable yoga SUP boards are wider, thicker and more stable than average SUP board and provide stable and sturdy space for yoga practices.

Inflatable Racing SUP boards are a bit lighter, longer and provide better speed and easy maneuvering on water. Touring SUP boards are stable and not so fast and provide a clam ride for easy touring across the water.

The fishing SUP comes up with gear that is needed for keeping the fishing accessories and paddles easily. They are not fast and help in providing a stable surface for the easy fishing experience.

​Helping Features and Gadgets

Sometimes you may have to look for the features that may help you handle the strong waves or stay easy on your inflatable SUP. As a beginner, you may look for the accessories like a bungee string or tape, anti-slip foot grips etc.

​When and Why you Should Prefer the Best Inflatable SUP?

Due to the fact, there are inflatable SUP boards and epoxy SUP boards. But there are many chances that you might have to look for the inflatable SUP boards due to the numerous features making them more beneficial for beginners and experts as well. The main reason you may have to look for inflatable SUP boards are:

Easy to Carry

Since these are inflatable the can be deflated and put into a backpack to carry it anywhere you are going along your luggage.

Easy Storage and Save Space

For keeping it safe all the time, you can store it in a small space and it may not need lots of specialized space to keep at home.

Cheaper than Epoxy SUP

Inflatable SUP boards are cheaper and cost you a lot less than the traditional SUP does not mean they do not provide quality features or are not durable. They provide the same level of functionality and sturdiness that you ever need.


These are lightweight and work best for the beginners and experts. You may not need to put in a lot of effort to manage it on the water.

​Top 5 Best Inflatable Paddle Board 2017-2018 for You to Buy

This one is one of the rigid inflatable SUP board that withstands 350lbs on water. It works just the same as a hard board and can take in to inflate up to 15 PSI. But it may also give a better stiffness on board even at 10 PSI.

With a durable construction material which includes PVC military grade composition and the perfect drop stitch made make sure you don’t have to worry about damages and cracks. Though the inflated size is 9ft 10 inches it still has an easy to carry design that can be handled easily and carried in a backpack. Though the backpack is not included in this package, it still comes with a pump and fiberglass paddles. The board also features a 2-year warranty that covers any damage excluding the wear and tear issues.

To see the PEAK Inflatable SUP Board check out the following video:

One could think not more than that when there is a rugged foot surface for stability, adjustable paddle, and coil leash and travel backpack with a high-quality inflatable SUP board. This exclusive inflatable 10ft 6inch board has the capability to support 300lbs and itself has the weight around 23 lbs.

The overall design is rigid, stable and durable and supports people with any level of skills to ride on a SUP. Due to its higher stability and smooth tracking design, beginners would feel easy while using it. It is an all-around inflatable SUP that works best in any condition.

It features 6 inches thickness and that and comes with sturdy stitching that is capable to resist damages easily. The SUP comes with a 30-day guarantee and 1-year warranty on the materials and you may opt to return if not liked with 30 days’ time span.

This is a superb inflatable SUP for anyone who needs extra durable and sturdy SUP for various purposes. This is made up of high-end dual PVC layer for extra firmness and durability. This one comes with the exclusive third generation hand pump for easy inflation process and front and back bungee, the travel backpack and three-piece paddles. The paddles consist of aluminum allow and nylon blade.

The fins are detachable and come with a perfect design where no need to worry about the loss of screws and stays fit and easy when in use. The SUP features 6 inches thick board and 32 inches wide surface with 11ft longboard to make sure you get a stable ride all the way long.

With the dual layer construction, it provides a stiffer surface that is suitable for the user having the body weight up to 300lbs. The SUP features 3 fin design or better traction and control. It also comes up with a year warranty for any flaws in it.

As a fact this 6 inches thick SUP board is perfect for use on flat water or the small waves, it offers support for people having the body weight around 240lbs only. It is a stable board for calm water. It consists of high-quality military grade material using the PVC that ensures highly durable structure and lightweight board construction.

The three fin design, slightly rounded board is perfect for surfing and touring on medium wave water.

It comes up with paddle, pressure pump and backpack for easy handling and maintenance. It also offers a 1-year warranty and a 30-day guarantee offering easy returns for the buyers.

Learn More About ISLE Airtech Inflatable SUP In The Following Video:

With all the improved stability and well-balanced design, this Serenlife inflatable SUP board works best to offer stable, smooth and easy action with the desired speed. It is 10ft long and offers a well-formed surface area around 30 inches wide.

Handling, stability, speed, and maneuverability is enhanced with the help of the three fins. In addition to that for helping out the beginners and teens as well as kids, the non-slip deck offers an easy standing position with stable form and balance as well.

Due to lightweight and inflatable construction, this SUP is portable and easy to carry so you may not need to worry about carrying it along with your way to any destination.

To support easy usage the boar comes up with the complete gear set like paddling gear, ankle cuff, oars, air pump and storage bag.

Summarizing our discussion regarding the best inflatable SUP 2017-2018 can say that having an inflatable SUP is the best way to enjoy all the surfing, fishing and water touring adventures. With the SUP boards, you can save more space and still keep a good surfboard, fishing board or just a simple water touring stand up paddle board along with your side. Though you need to look for sturdy materials, lightweight construction, exact size and complementary accessories like a pressure pump, carry bag and leash cord as per your needs, you may also be careful enough to focus on the purpose of buying a SUP or the expected usage as well.

Due to the differences in functions on the basis of the features, size, and capabilities, you may not just buy any ordinary SUP, rather you need to look for the best inflatable SUP available on the market.

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