The Best Ice Fishing Boots For 2019

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Ice fishing boots are the essentials that every fisherman needs while fishing on the frozen water. You must be thinking how it is different from buying the hiking shoe or other kinds of sports shoe? Buying the best ice fishing boots is a lot different as compared to buying a simple hiking shoe.

Our Top Choices

MuckBoots Arctic Pro Men's Hunting Boot
MuckBoots Arctic Pro Men's Hunting Boot
SOREL Men's Conquest Boot
SOREL Men's Conquest Boot

So we thought we may compile a sorted list of the best ice fishing boots so that you can find more about them in a quick yet comprehensive manner.

Irish setter Men’s Elk Tracker offer the boot design that offers a stable grip on the slippery ice and hard to manage surfaces when people have to walk on places where they are going for fishing. These boots are made up of high-quality leather and are made to the international standards that assure quality and perfect structure for better tracking.

The synthetic sole comes with specially designed grooves that keep the boots stay with a full grip on the icy surfaces because walking in ice and hunting for fish on iced lakes is riskier than anything else. So, it is better to have a shoe that keeps you stable on snow or ice and let you enjoy the fishing game.

The Air Bob sole assure better traction

Another advantage of these boots is that the upper is made up of full-grain high-quality leather that assures waterproof surfacing for keeping the inner side warm and dry. The waterproof lining by GORE-TEX assures your feet will stay safe from getting wet or frozen by the incoming cold water.

The inner sole and the whole boot interior is kept fresh with the ScentBan technology that makes sure to eliminate bacteria for avoiding odors and smell caused by sweat.
The temperature inside the boots is kept under control with the Thinsulate insulation 3M 1000g. This keeps your feet away from the extreme cold.


  • Waterproof upper
  • Scent ban technology for odor free inner
  • Insulated for keep feet warm
  • Bulls-eye sole for better traction


  • Heavier than the average shoe
  • Narrow

Kamik Men’s Cold weather boot is one of the suitable options for Ice fishing. It is because most fishermen need to stay away from frozen feet as they walk on the ice. These boots come up with sufficient features that make them suitable for the icy walk on the iced water or the snow-filled surfaces.

The Nylon material makes sure the inner of the boots stay waterproof. In addition to that, the synthetic rubber sole is perfect to give a smooth, stable and slip-free walk on the ice fishing areas.

To give a stable and safe walk even if there are bumps or slippery ice surfaces, the boots come with a well-designed sole so that it would not let you slip. The shaft is approximately 13 inches from the arch that provide even more firm grip on the ground.

It is easy to wear on and would not provide you with any hassles while wearing on or putting them off your feet.

The waterproof upper and the thermal guard liner assure that your feet stay dry and warm no matter where you walk. The thermal guard liner is removable and comes with a hook and loop strap for easier use.

The drawstring on its top makes sure you get a snug fitting shoe for a better walk and warmer inner of the shoe.


  • Snug fitted
  • Removable thermal guard
  • Easy to wear on and take off
  • Waterproof upper
  • Better traction


  • Not too dry from the inside causing sweat issues
  • The heel may flop when walking

These cold weather boots are perfectly designed to match the need of those who love going on ice fishing. They are made up of a mix of leather and textile and offer seam-sealed construction so that they stay waterproof and safe from getting soaked.

The outer rubber sole with Omni Grip traction makes sure you stay slip-free while walking on the ice surfaces. This enabled you to walk confidently and make sure you would not get into trouble no matter if there is a lot of snow or slippery ice.

The 7 inches shaft from the arch allows better and stable walk without getting tired. The heat reflective inner lining keeps the foot warm with the help of 200g insulated inner. That assures warmth, as well as dry inner no matter if you are stepping into heaps of snow.

The shoe has a reasonable weight as the Techlite midsole offer comfort and cushioning with least burden on the foot muscles and energy during the walk.


  • Omni grip sole for better traction
  • Anti-mark and anti-slip sole
  • Lightweight, supportive midsole
  • Warm and snug
  • Waterproof upper
  • Sweat-free
  • Perfect for outdoor activities


  • Feel bit stiff and not cozy

For better waterproofing and insulation the MuckBoots are made up of synthetic materials in combination with the high-quality fabric. The upper of the boot consists of synthetic materials and fabric as well. The synthetic part makes sure it stays waterproof and completely covers the foot and the leg area.

The synthetic sole keeps the user stable on icy and snowy grounds so that it would not slip or get stuck in the snow. The boots are easy to wear and you just have to pull them on with no extra efforts.

The boots feature stretch-fit and easy to get in top-line for easier wear. In addition to that the waterproof shaft and double reinforced insteps and heel, as well as the Achilles, make sure to keep the foot stable and supported while walking on unstable grounds.
The molded outsole offers durability and complete cover for better grip on the ground and protection for the feet. The inner layer of 2mm thermal foam assures warmth and ease while walking in the snow.
Lightweight and supportive EVA midsole offer cushioned surface for keeping the foot comfortable and easy while allowing the foot to stay on the ground in a relaxed manner.


  • Warm and cozy
  • Waterproof
  • Supportive
  • Good traction on the ground
  • Easy to wear


  • Not too warm under freezing temperatures

These cold weather boots are a combination of fabric and synthetic materials that make them snug fitted, waterproof and easy to wear. The synthetic upper assure waterproofing whereas the fabric allows keeping the boots snug, soft and easy to wear with the laces on its top.

The bungee cords at the ankle and the opening of the shoe allow a better fit and easier wear. In addition to that, the Zylex Liner assure comfort and warmth for use in lower temperatures.

The boots offer a knee-high cover with 1000 Denier nylon for waterproof protection and the rubber cover on the foot makes it perfect for walking in snow or in puddles as well.

The rubber outer sole offer firm grip through well-designed tread so that you can confidently walk on ice or on the snowy grounds where you want to go fishing.


  • Slip-resistant and supportive
  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable and cozy
  • Warm
  • Waterproof
  • Slip-resistant tread


  • Narrower than average

Baffin Selkirk snow boots for men are made up of synthetic materials and waterproof components for keeping things safer for the wearer under extreme weather conditions.
The upper foot cover is tough and offers waterproof protection on the toe box. Whereas the knee-high cover is made up of waterproof materials that offer easy to wear and protective cover. 

The drawstring on the top and the straps on the leg are that includes hook and loop strap on the ankle area and compression buckle on the calf, make sure you wear it easy and get a snug fitted closure for better protection from the snow and the water splashes.

The heel and the platform measures 1.25 inches each and the shaft is around 13 inches from the arch that allows easy steps and comfortable posture during the walk.


  • Easy to wear on
  • Snug fitting and closure
  • Waterproof materials
  • Good traction
  • Slip-free outer sole
  • Warm and lower weight
  • 8 layer protection


  • Bulky boots though not heavy

SOREL conquest boots are one of the most reliable shoes to wear on in the heavy snow where your feet need support, comfort, warmth, and protection against extreme weather. The leather and synthetic fabric make it easier to offer a protective upper for better protection of the foot.
The boot is designed to offer rugged structure that assures protection even in -40 degree F temperatures. Whereas the waterproof upper leather and Thinsulate insulation 400g protect the foot from getting extremely cold under the snowy conditions.

The barrel lock collar and gaiter bootie make sure you stay worry-free during a walk in the snow. The seams are sealed for waterproofing and the EVA footbed assure better support and comfort.

The outer sole is made up of durable rubber with a lug sole for better traction and resistance to slipping.


  • The EVA sole offer lightweight support
  • Rugged design
  • Easy to wear on
  • Slip-resistant outer sole


  • May come apart from seams after frequent use

Waterproof, temperature proof and rugged shoes made by Helly Hansen is another option if you are looking for the snow boots to go on ice fishing adventure.
The upper is made up of leather as well as synthetic materials that offer to waterproof no matter if you walk on the snow or near the puddles your feet would stay safe from getting wet or cold. The boot features lace-up vamp for a snug fit on the foot and the leg area for keeping the cold away from entering into the shoe.

The faux fur lining assures warmth under extremely low temperatures. The padded tongue, as well as the cushioned collar, assure warmth and comfort as well.
The rubber outsole with Helly Grip is designed to keep the foot stable on the snow with textured design for better traction and support.


  • Warm and cozy
  • Snug fitted
  • Good traction
  • Waterproof upper leather


  • Not as warm as needed in the snow

These Men’s boot are good ones for ice fishing as they keep feet warm and easy no matter where on the snow you walk. The boots are made up of leather and synthetic materials giving a waterproof and protective upper. The full-grain leather offers insulated lining on the inside for warmer feel.

To keep the boots stay on the feet easily, the D-Ring fastening laces make sure you keep them easy and fitted on your feet. The seam-sealed top offer comfort and protection as well. The outer sole offer stable grip on the ground for keeping yours away from slipping issues.


  • Warm
  • Waterproof
  • Seam-sealed
  • Easy to wear


  • Bulky boots

A perfect combination of protective upper and comfortable inner with the slip-free outer sole, this snow boot works well for the ice fishing time. The fabric and rubber used on the protective top assure the boot stays waterproof and keep the inner side dry and warm throughout your walk.
The shoe features Mid-calf covered design with waterproof upper and sealed seam design for better protection against external factors.

The boots are easy to wear on with the help of elastic lace on the top. There is also a pocket on the side of the shoe.

The 14.75 inches shaft from the arch and 1.5 inches heel make sure the foot stays in a comfortable position for a better and easier walk.


  • Very easy to wear on
  • Warm
  • Waterproof
  • Good traction on snow or ice fields.


  • Not resistant to deep water and may get soaked

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Ice Fishing Boots

For buying ice fishing boots you have to be sure that there is a list of features you might have to look for and compare with other boots to keep you comfortable under the various extreme weather conditions.

Just remember when you are going on ice fishing you have to keep in mind the temperature would be too low, there would be water splashes and deep snow routes, you will have to walk on the slippery ice and you need to stay away from getting slipped and keep your feet warm.
Keeping in front all these needs you may look for the following features:

Warm And Cozy From The Inside

The first things that you may look for are the level of warmth and coziness on the inside of the boots. You may consider buying boots that offer faux fur lining or extra cushioning to keep your feet warm under freezing temperature conditions. Because of the fact, ice fishing means you will be fishing in areas that are covered with snow and mostly iced water.

Waterproof From The Outside

The boots should be waterproof from the outside so that they can withstand snow and water splashes when walking on the snowy ground.

Warm And Cozy From The Inside

Easy To Wear And Snug Closure

The boots should be very easy to wear on and put off. Look for boots with lace tops and bungee cords that allow one step closure and are easy to get in.

Comfortable And Lightweight

Due to the waterproofing and inner warm layers, the snow boots are often bulky and heavy. You may look if you could find a medium or lightweight shoe so that they are easy to use.

Odor Free

Mostly, the shoe that is warmer from the inside may also offer odor resistance because if there is sweat, there should be enough air flow and bacterial resistance to avoid skin issues and odors.

Better Traction

To keep yourself away from slipping off on the ice surfaces, you have to look for the lug design and grooves on the boots to keep your feet stable on the bumpy and slippery surfaces.


Make sure your boots are durable and would not get broken or soaked when used on a frequent basis.

Seam-sealed boots

If the seams are sealed, the chances are that the boots would be serving better with least or no leakage while, walking in the heavy snow or water.

Getting one of the best ice fishing boots should be one of the first things to do before going on ice fishing. For this, you will need to make sure that the boots you pick must promise warmth, leak-proof design, waterproof upper and better traction on snow-covered areas. Here we have listed some sorted options for you to compare and hopefully, this will help you in picking the right ice fishing boots.

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