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Wondering why you need to buy one of the best hiking watch under 100?

Hiking watch is also alternately known as an outdoor watch. Having a top quality hiking watch is pivotal to your success in your hiking campaigns and achieve your set goals in style. If you are a technology geek, then there are multiple features which will make you think and compare between different high-end watches.

Further, with the passage of time, a lot of technology-enabled products and their features becomes obsolete and are taken over by many advanced features to compete with the contemporary world in the activity of hiking. None of the feature alone in a hiking watch holds any value.

Rather, a combination of features in such watches makes one better than the other.
Here we are going to discuss the features you must have in your hiking watch and some of the best-sorted options for you to consider as your next hiking watch that is available under 100usd and some others which are expensive but are surely worthy enough to be considered as the best hiking watches.

Our Top Choices

SmartWatch, waterproof Outdoor sports IP68
SmartWatch, waterproof Outdoor sports IP68
Suunto Vector Watch
Suunto Vector Watch


Product Name

Different Colors


Timex Grid Shock Watch (under 100usd)


SmartWatch, waterproof Outdoor sports IP68


Suunto Vector Watch


Garmin Fenix 3 HR Temperature Sensor


Garmin fēnix 3, Sapphire


Let us find out which features to look for and what value they carry in a hiking watch.


Keeping things simple, durability should be the first thing that you should look for in an outdoor watch. Considering the environmental factors such as moisture, dust, dirt, and heat etc., such watches should be encased in roust frames along with equally durable straps. Sapphire glass lens has also become a norm in such products for added resistance against any scratches, but at a significantly higher price.


GPS or the Global Positioning System is the core feature of such gadgets. This feature allows the user to instantly find out your current location’s coordinates. On top of that, the versatility of this features stretches to the show-up of distance, descent, ascent and current speed as well. You will also have the facility to import GPX or other format routes to the majority of the GPS enabled watches. Things do not end here as the feature allows you to export the details related to distance, time/ duration, total descent, total descent, average speed and other useful parameters.


This useful feature records the heart rate which could be facilitated in a hiking watch either as a wrist-based HRM or as a chest strap transmitter, where the former usually has to be purchased separately. The feature is helpful in the sense that it enables you to keep a very consistent pace all through your hiking trip.


This special allows you to get the reading of the current elevation and supports in navigation. As an example, if you happen to miss out your exact location so you can check the contour lines of the map and compare those with the elevation you are at. However, you should allow some space for introducing error in the measurement. GPS is considered an alternate for this barometric altimeter feature, but the later here is known to consume far less battery power.


Effective navigation is all dependent on the compass feature, which shows you the 4 fundamental directions and as well as bearing. This feature in watches may not be much accurate as compared to actual compasses and you should allow an error margin of 5 degrees. The most sophisticated watches comes with 3-axis compasses that work with no need of having the watch leveled.

#1. Timex Grid Shock Watch (under 100usd)

Timex is the perfect Smartwatch for outdoor sports since it comes with all the features you will love in an outdoor watch. It’s ideal for snorkeling and swimming but not a great choice for diving because its water resistant capacity goes only at 100 meters. If you are looking for the right SmartWatch to display speed rate, time rate, and your heart rate, this model is quite ideal. The watch functions as a stopwatch, vibration alarm, and a countdown timer.

With these features, you can effectively measure your progress and know when you’ve worked out enough. Another great feature of this SmartWatch is the stainless steel design that keeps it safe and durable for extended use. Timex is relatively portable and stays comfortable on the wrist. In fact, you may not notice you are wearing a SmartWatch until you decide to look at your progress. Overall, the watch it an ideal companion to carry along when going on an adventure.


  • Water resistant for up to 100 meters
  • Has a multi-purpose function
  • Timex easily absorbs shock
  • Well designed with stainless steel plate for durability


  • May is not suitable for diving

#2. SmartWatch, waterproof Outdoor sports IP68 The treadmill Watch (under 100 USD)

Though it is not too cheap this SmartWatch is the ideal sports watch for sports lovers who also want to stay in style. It comes with a lot of great features anyone will be proud of. Its water resistant feature makes it ideal when playing golf, climbing, going on the marathon, hiking, treadmill, riding, and running. With an ergonomic design and a global positioning system, you are assured of not just a timekeeper but a great companion whenever you are out for outdoor sports

UW80C Smartwatch comes with a heart rate monitoring system to keep you informed and alert you whenever something is not right. With all these features, the watch is really affordable compared to other products in the same class. Overall, this Smartwatch can add some spices to your outdoor activity and make it more fun than you can imagine.


  • Effectively monitors the heart rate when exercising
  • Keeps users well informed on time miles and cycling speed
  • Comes with 2-year product warranty
  • It is integrated with a global positioning system for consistent and exact location update
  • Quite affordable compared to most other watches in its class


  • The water-resistant capacity is limited to 100 meters

#3. Suunto Vector Watch (expensive)

Suunto is another high-quality watch with stylish design and durable features. It’s a professionally looking watch that is not too big or too small. With this watch, you can stay 100ft below the water level and still keep it intact after your swimming exercise. Suunto is a countdown timer, a stopwatch, a compass, barometer, as well as an altimeter. With this watch, you don’t need to worry about compass readings because the watch is 100% accurate in that aspect.

The watch is quite easy to use and is an excellent choice for those looking for a very durable and lightweight watch for comfort. Those who engage in high altitude hiking will love the overall design of the watch. There aren’t many Smart watches that can match this Suunto model in terms of versatility and overall quality. It’s therefore, highly recommended.


  • Very durable and water resistant
  • Countdown timer, compass, barometer
  • Can be used for different purposes
  • Stylish and very comfortable on the wrist
  • Comes with 1-year product warranty


  • The contrast face is a little bit difficult to read
  • A bit more expensive than some other models

#4. Garmin Fenix 3 HR Temperature Sensor(expensive)

With 4.5 out of 5 points ratings from more than 700 Amazon customers, there’s no denying the fact that this temperature sensor is one of the best you can even have. It’s loaded with a lot of features which certainly makes some other models look inferior. Garmin 3 HR has wireless connectivity with space for Wi-Fi for automatic synchronization of your data with the Smartwatch. Garmin Fenix 3 has a Chroma display and high-resolution color to maximize the usability.

It provides perfect record when measuring the heart rate from the wrist. With this feature, you don’t need to put on a chest strap. The watch’s water resistant feature makes it durable even when used for swimming, diving, and surfing for extended periods. Overall, Garmin 3 HR is the perfect Smart Watch for those looking for versatile, durable, and efficient Smartwatch for their outdoor sporting needs.


  • Ideal for surfing and swimming with water resistant capacity of 100 meters
  • Comes with wireless connectivity for simplicity
  • Properly designed and very portable
  • Designed with HR color display for clearer view
  • Perfect for tracking time and speed rate when exercising


  • It doesn’t have auto-detection feature

Here is another high-quality Smartwatch from the Garmin brand. This model oozes quality in every area. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 20 hours when fully charged and in full use. Sometimes, the battery can even stay for 2 days, especially when on Ultratac mode. Wireless connectivity for this SmartWatch is top notch with automatic hotspot synchronization to give you easy access.

Moreover, Garmin Sapphire comes with an EXO steel antenna that lets it do the work of a GPS system. The SmartWatch is also designed with HR color display to help users easily view the glass display for updates. The lens/glass is solidly made and doesn’t scratch easily, compared to some other models. Overall, Garmin Sapphire is a well-made SmartWatch with great features to keep you safe and comfortable.


  • Comes with advanced fitness metrics for regular updates
  • Great performance even when submerged in water
  • It’s designed with HR color display
  • Comes with EXO antenna for GPS support
  • It monitors the heart rate and keeps you in shape at all times


  • It’s a bit too expensive

Ending our discussion regarding the best hiking watches under 100 we can say that, the more you invest in a hiking watch, the more feature-enriched your watch would be. However, you can research well to find the best watch that has all the features that you want to have in such gadgets.

Some notable and highly preferred features include the GPS, Heart Rate Monitor, Barometric Altimeter, Compass and durability of the hiking or outdoor watch.

We have listed two of the best options you can find under 100usd in case if you have a lower budget or else we also have shared the most suitable hiking watches which are expensive but come with some high-end feature you might want to invest in for a better experience so that you may choose as per your needs.

Best Hiking Watch Under $100
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