The Best Handheld Gps For Fishing

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Compact, smart, efficient and helpful fishing gadgets are essential things that every fisherman needs to keep while fishing. Among the many different gadgets that are considered necessary, having one of the best handheld GPS for fishing is considered to be the most crucial gadgets for everyone to have. It is because of its capability to guide the fishermen to locate and target areas where they have decided to go fishing.

Handheld GPS assure you carry them along in your pocket and will never be lost in the places where you are unaware about the way out.

So to make sure you stay worried free and get to the hunting spot quickly without getting messed up with the tracks and trails you surely need to get a handheld GPS.

Our Top Choices

Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS
Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS
Garmin eTrex Handheld 30x 010-01508
Garmin eTrex Handheld 30x 010-01508

For your convenience and help we have sorted out 9 of the best handheld GPS for fishing so that you take lesser time to compare and get the best within seconds:

Garmin has been providing the best tracking devices since it got started. This Garmin 64st highly sensitive GPS also comes with GLONASS receiver assuring accurate, easy and quick reading of your surroundings without any hectic interpretation details.

Firstly, it has the screen that can be read easily during the sunlight so you don’t have to struggle with the sunlight impact on the screen. The screen has 2.6 inches diagonal length, with the colored display. This helps in getting a clear view of the GPS details with 160x 240 pixels resolution of the display.

The device runs on a dual battery setup that could be powered by the 2 AA batteries or you may also choose the NiMH batteries that would be rechargeable. The average battery life if up to 16 hours to support all your fishing time needs.

The memory of the GPS is extended up to 8 GB for better data storage and availability. The device is USB and NMEA compatible and can also get paired with the ANT+ sensors if needed.
The data is uploaded to Garmin and you can view it on your smartphone. You may also share activities with the live track setup.

The device offers .3 axis compass and also come with barometric measures and altimeter for those who need to get the exact information about the barometric pressure and their altitude so that they also know the atmospheric conditions of the surroundings.


  • Easy to handle and compact
  • 1-year subscription for birdseye imagery
  • TOPO 100K with full US coverage
  • Basecamp software for trip planning
  • Geocaching feature
  • ​Help in keeping your fix point for better tracking


  • Looks like an old designed thing
  • Downloading maps is slow

Now, if you are looking for the latest version of the Garmin GPS trackers with the features you always have loved, then this is the one that offers simplicity, convenience and options to track like a pro.
The GPS device has a 3 inches touchscreen that is readable even in the bright sunlight. That is why it is perfect for the fishing season when you are under the sun and over the water with sparkly light all around you.

The GPS and GLONASS dual band positioning helps you discover all the details about the trails and the terrain so that you know where you are heading to.
There are the sensors that every hiker, fishermen, and outdoor sportsman need that include a barometric altimeter, 3 axis compass, an accelerometer combining the benefits of all these this GPS devices works perfectly to give a true direction and understanding where you are heading to.

ANT or the Bluetooth allows the user to share the tracks and trails, routes, photos, geocaches and the waypoints as well as the maps. The device can switch between the portrait view and the landscape view so that you can work with the one you need. The US TOPO coverage makes sure you never get lost when you are wandering the fishing zone or need to find your spot.
The GPS runs on the 2 AA batteries or it can use the NiMH battery that recharges when needed within the device. It has the 8MP camera with autofocus and digital zoom. The LED flash torch also works fine when you need it in the dark.


  • Easy to use
  • Compact and easy to handle
  • US TOPO enabled
  • LED flashlight
  • 8MP camera
  • Geocaching
  • Basecamp


  • Issues with the GPS connectivity sometimes

When you are going on fishing you need to know the area very well so that you can spot the fishing zone and reach out without any issues. For this purpose, Garmin Montana 680t GPS works perfectly fine with all its valuable features.

The GPS allows you to spot the locations with the Birdseye imagery that is enabled for 1-year subscription with the device. In addition to that the included geocaches assure you can map, plan and decide on your path and make sure you will not lose your path.

The 4 inches touchscreen display also allows handling the functions with the gloves on your hands. It is preloaded and enabled with the TOPO US 100k maps for better navigation and map planning.

The highly sensitive technology that gives each and every detail for you to follow up, the GPS and the GLONASS satellites for better results. The WAAS receiver with the HOTFix prediction this device helps in locating the position very quickly and accurately.

You can easily navigate organize your paths and follow the waypoints and routes easily with the help of the track manager features in the GPS.

Additionally, the 8 Megapixel camera make sure you get high-quality images and the automatic geotagging make sure you coordinate with the others easily.


  • Automatic geotagging
  • Both GPS and GLONASS tracking
  • HOTfix prediction
  • 3 axis compass with barometric altimeter
  • 4 inches touchscreen
  • Can be used when wearing gloves


  • Would not give fine-tuned details in bushy areas

eTrex handheld GPS navigator is surely a perfect solution for trails and tracking information. You can track and plan your trails. This device has a rugged body that assures safe and better functioning no matter what the conditions are around you.

It comes with the 2.2 inches colored display for better vision under any light condition because its readable in sunlight. The device comes with WAAS GPS with the HotFix as well as GLONASS receiver for quick and reliable positioning.

With the 3 axis compass, you know where to head to and the barometric altimeter makes sure you know the precise and accurate altitude.

The GPS device works fine with the TOPO U.S 24 K so you get all the maps right on your palm. The blue chart city navigation enables you easier towards your spot for fishing or for any reason you have to go for. The worldwide basemap also help in keeping navigation hassles away.
In addition to that the waterproof IPX7 make sure the devices stay away from hazards when you have splashing water around you.

Trip planning function also helps in making the correct decision in the right places through the right trails and routes.

The topographic data in 2D and 3D version via basecamp and the birdseye view imagery make sure you get a perfect view of where you are going to and which of the path is correct for you to follow up.


  • Birdseye view imagery
  • TOPO U.S 24K map data
  • GLONASS and GPS supported
  • Waterproof
  • Readable touchscreen under the sunlight


  • The device is not as easy to use as it should be

For a superb continuous global positioning system, the device works with 12 satellites so that you get a real-time positioning as you proceed with your trip. In addition to just telling you about the positioning you also get details account of the speed, the time related to sunrise, and sunset and well as the distance details in a detailed way.

Track retracing is easier because you can save up to 10 track logs so you never get away from where you need to go to. The device is made rugged and is waterproof keeping it away from getting damaged in various conditions.

The LCD display with backlight makes it easier to view in the dark. It has simple to use 5 buttons so you don’t have to handle the complex features and get all things managed by just clicking on the desired button.

It is small and compact and lest you keep in your hand or in your pocket without any problem.
The battery has an 18 hours life when the 2 AA batteries are used. The Mapsource software is also there to help.


  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Gives global positioning through 12 satellite channels
  • Rugged and waterproof
  • Touchscreen with backlit


  • Don’t possess sophisticated trip planning features or camera

For going on a fishing adventure you need to catch up with the geocaches that enable the sure to take the right route towards the desired direction. There are 250,000 worldwide geocaches from the website to help you guide your way in the right direction.

For a better vision, this one also comes with 1 year of Birdseye imagery technology so that you know where you are going and all the details about the surrounding areas.

The GPS device makes use of the GLONASS and GPS system to give accurate and real-time positioning so that you never get distracted and get on the right path.

The location process is precise with the help of all the related details that are needed even in case if you are in a heavy covered area in the forest.

The rack manages technology keep you on track as you can track your routes and get back to the point with the help of the data available.

The TOPO U.S offers 100k preloaded Maps for easier navigation and trip planning barometric altimeter assure correct altitude.
The paperless maps and geocaches, HotFix satellite prediction and altimeter as well as compass data you can use the GPS device anywhere on mountains or on the water while on a fishing adventure.


  • Accurate positioning details
  • TOPO U.S 100K preloaded data maps
  • GLONASS and GPS enabled
  • Easy to carry and simple to use


  • Setting up the required maps may take some time.

This is another Garmin eTrex GPS navigator that works fine for the hikers and fishermen to find their way to their desired spot.

With a 240x320 resolution display, the 2.2 inches color display assure easier reading even under the sparkling sunlight or when you are on the water where there is a lot of reflected light.
There is a 3.7 GB memory as well as it also comes with the microSD card slot for increasing the memory option or storing more data inside the device.

There are 24K TOPO U.S data options, blue chart g2 and city navigation with hunt view and Birdseye view for better understanding on the ground and the water bodies where you need to find the correct location instantly. Though it is compatible with all these functions and features you may need to subscribe for these services separately.

Wireless waypoint and route sharing make it easier to connect with others while on the way to your spot.
In addition to that, the base map shaded relief assure quick and easy navigation. The built-in sensor makes sure to offer 3 axis compass and barometric altimeter for better pinpoint positioning and altitude to make sure you decide the best route possible.


  • Wireless connectivity for sharing waypoints
  • Improved touchscreen display
  • Readable in sunlight
  • Improved memory
  • Hunt view and birdseye view technology compatible
  • GLONASS and GPS enabled


  • You have to pay for the subscriptions for better mapping

The high sensitivity GPS is perfect for hiking and fishing as it has GPS receiver with the exceptional Hotfix feature to make sure you get instant access to precise and accurate positioning.

You can gather data regarding waypoints, routes and tracks and other information like heart rate etc. as you go so that it may also act as a personal GPS along with the details about the surrounding.

The special trackback features assure easy tracking of the waypoints and make sure you reach where you have to. The easy to read LCD screen make it easier to work with it.
The battery used is standard 3 A batteries that have a 17 hours lifetime with the GPS device. This helps in sunrise and the sunset timings, hunting as well as fishing info and the compass as well as barometric altimeter so that you know your position along with surroundings and the correct altitude as well. This helps in the quick and easy decision for the correct routes to the destination.


  • Easy to use and compact
  • Make sure you track your path easily
  • Comes with easy to read screen
  • Trackback feature helps in route tracking


  • No sophisticated imagery options and extended memory

This is another Garmin GPS navigator with marine chart plotter for easier navigation and tracking while on the water surface. The 1.7 MB memory and Micro SD card slot you can store data and information as you find your way to the desired destination.

To assure you get into no issues while viewing the screen under the sunlight and sparkling water splashes, this one has the trans-reflective color display that gives a clear view of the map and information you need as it offers 160x240 pixels resolution.

The device is marine friendly and waterproof for better performance anywhere you need and works perfectly for watersports.
It also supports geocaching and creates a connection to share info easily.


  • Easier button controls
  • Fix map location find
  • Easier track planning and positioning
  • Lightweight and slim device
  • Easy to carry and use


  • Interface not user-friendly

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Handheld Gps For Fishing

Finding the best handheld GPS for fishing requires you to have the device that helps in navigating in the fishing area for reaching to the right spot. Remember it is different from the GPS that is used to locate fishes in the pond. In this device you have to look for the following features:

Easier Interface

The easier interface is always mandatory because the device that is easy to setup and selects the right features without complications is the best you could have with you while you are on a fishing adventure.

Sunlight Friendly Screen

Sunlight friendly screen assures improved readability for better information gathering under the sunlight.

Glove-friendly Touchscreen

You may look for the glove-friendly touchscreen because if you are wearing gloves you may still touch the screen and get it to work.

Higher Screen Resolution

Higher resolution screen assures better view of the surroundings so it is better to look for colored display and high-resolution view.

Preloaded Maps

Preloaded maps help in managing the new locations when you are going to fish in a newer area to find the desired fishing spot.

Trackback And Waypoints

Backtracking and waypoints help in managing the routes to the destination. You may look for the devices that offer any such features to help you manage the various routes you take when going on fishing ponds.

Gps And Glonass Enabled Features

GPS and GLONASS enabled devices are good and make sure to offer accurate and quick positioning.

Battery Life

Improved battery life like up to 16-17 hours is enough to support fishing adventures. So look for the devices that offer better battery life.

Storage And Connectivity

Quick and easy data storage and retrieval, as well as easier connectivity to other devices through a wireless connection, should be there for geotagging and sharing the photos.

Waterproofing And Rugged Body

Rugged and waterproof GPS device is an essential thing to have. Always look for the one that offers better performance in a wide range of surrounding conditions.

Geocaches And Mapping Systems

Geocaches and mapping make sure you never get lost while on your way in the water bodies and hiking trails so make sure you have this feature enabled as well.

To see the how to use a handheld GPS check out the following video:

So, now you have plenty of details about the best handheld GPS for fishing to find your way to the fishing spot. You can now manage the various locations and can also track and locate the geo locations easily. Make sure to consider the important features so that you don’t have to regret later.

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