25 Best Fishing Places In The United States


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Fishing is one of the most popular activities around the world and especially in the United States. The presence of the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic ocean as well other streams of fresh water throughout the country in the USA is one of the big factors behind people's fascination with fishing.

Before you decide to go fishing it is important that you understand the key factors involved in fishing. There are various things to learn such as the type of rod and fishing net to be used, which type of fishes are typically found in the specific water streams, the best time to go fishing, the fishing technique etc.

There are multiple great places for fishing in the USA. Let us have a look at 25 of the best fishing places in the United States.

#2, Florida Keys, Florida :

This location to the southern coast is a fisherman's paradise. The water between Florida mainland and the keys is a home to a lot of different fishes such as redfish, bonefish, tarpon, sailfish etc. 

#3, Outer Banks, North Carolina :

The Outer Banks in North Carolina is one of the best locations for fishing. Braking fishing, flyfish and charter fishing at inshore are all available here. These fishing boats also provide all the necessary fishing accessories such as bait, reels, hooks and fishing licenses.

#4, Kona, Hawaii :

This place is the sports fishing capital in the region of Hawaii. The waters in the Kona district on the western shore of the big island are calm like the lake but also provide a lot of thrills for the fishermen. Mahi Mahi, Tuna and ono are some of the fishes caught daily from these waters.

#5, Martha's vineyard, Massachusetts :

This place is one of the most scenic seaside in the New England and it also serves as a great fishing destination. If you want to go fishing in this place then you can organize a charter boat with your family and go fishing for false albacore also known as albies and bonito.

#6, Bighorn River, Montana :

This massive river is a great place for enthusiasts of fly fishing. However, it is important to note that access to most of the river is limited as these waters flow through private property as well as crow tribal lands. However, there is a little patch of these waters which is open to the public and it is worth braving the crowds for fishing in this place.

#7, Thousand islands, New York :

In the upstate of New York towards the eastern side of Lake Ontario in River St. Lawrence, there are in excess of 1800 mini islands. Some of the popular fishes found on these islands include Salmon, bass, northern pike, walleye, and muskellunge amongst others.

#8, Kobuk River, Alaska :

The Kobuk River in Alaska is known for its rare fishes. The Kobuk river, which is about 200 miles in length, is home to lake trout, chum salmon, arctic grayling, northern pike and arctic char amongst others. However, the true prize of this river is shellfish which is a prized asset for most of the people. 

#9, Lake St. Clair, Michigan :

This lake is most famously known for its borders with Detroit, it is also a great place to snap up Muskie. Some of the well-known fishes found in these waters include Perch, Walleye, Crappie and smallmouth bass amongst a few others.

#10, Lake of the woods, Minnesota :

The lake of the woods in Minnesota is known as the "Walleye capital of the world". This huge lake on the northern side of Minnesota is renowned for the ice fishing

#11, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland :

Brackish water of Chesapeake Bay is renowned for the globally popular Maryland crabs. Not only that the Chesapeake Bay is one of the best places for fishing that you can find on the eastern coast. 

#12, California Delta, California :

The mild summers and warm weather throughout the year in this region is an ideal reason for people to go fishing in the California Delta. Some of the prized catches that you can find here include Sturgeon, black bass, Salmon, striped bass, and catfish

#13, Colorado River, Colorado :

This river is 1450 miles long and spans across Colorado, Utah, California, Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona. Salmonfly is the most prized asset that you find here and this river is one of the best locations for fishing.

#14, Columbia River, Washington and Oregon :

This is the biggest river in Pacific Northwest and is home to some of the finest fishes such as Salmon, steelheads, sturgeons and smallmouth bass.

#15, Lake Shelbyville, Illinois :

This reservoir that spans 11,000 acres is mostly man-made through dams, however, bordering parks and wildlife are natural. There are fishing coves and you can go fishing here to find various species of fishes including crappie, freshwater drum, walleye, bigmouth buffalo, yellow bass and flathead catfish

#16, Lake Austin, Texas :

This is one of the coolest places in the southwestern part of the city. This reservoir was established in 1929 and it has now become one of the primary attractions for fishing and boating.

#17, Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada :

The Lake Tahoe provides an excellent fishing experience for the people. The majestic blue waters of Lake Tahoe provide a home to rainbow trout, mackinaw and brown trout as well as Konkani Salmon to name a few. 

#18, Missouri River, Montana :

The Missouri River in Montana is one of the richest places for fishing in the US. You can find different species of fish here most of which are brown fishes.

#19, Gallatin River, National park Montana :

This is one of the most underrated and yet best place for fishing in the states. The surrounding area rich in natural habitat and it is a home for some of the best species of fishes.
Apart from these locations, the various other attractive fishing places in the US include Madison River, Yellowstone River, Green River, White River, Manistee river of Michigan, Connecticut River and Niagara river below the Niagara Falls.

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