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Fishing is one of the best water sports that most of us enjoy. If you are also looking for a fishing adventure this summer you’ll surely need your personal accessories along with your fishing gadgets. Among the many accessories you’ll be packing inside your backpack, the best fishing hat is a must have that will protect you from the extreme sun rays, provide you with enough eye shade for better viewing, though you might also need a pair of sunglasses as well. A fishing hat serves multiple purposes that help you enjoy fishing during summer.

Our Top Choices

OMECHY Waterproof Bucket Hat
OMECHY Waterproof Bucket Hat
LETHMIK Waterproof Boonie Hat
LETHMIK Waterproof Boonie Hat

Fishing hats come in all shapes and sizes, whether it be a Chilba Hat, a Wallaroo hat or a basket hat, all of these are used to protect you from the sunlight and keep you enjoying the game. Now which ones are best for a fisherman, here is our list of top fishing hats you may try out this season:

#1, LETHMIK Waterproof Boonie Hat

It is always better to have a wider brim to keep the sun rays away from obstructing your vision and avoiding sunburns. This Boonie Hat comes with a perfect design that offers a wide brim to keep you easy even in extreme daylight. In addition to that, it is made up of waterproof materials that will help you avoid soaking during rain.

The materials, as well as the design, offers enough air flow towards inside making it breathable and comfortable and help in avoiding sweating. It is made up of higher quality fabric that does not wear and tear or fade away.

The hat comes in 100 percent polyester imported material offering sleek and trendy style and perfect features. There is an elastic made drawstring to help keep the hat in place on your head, even in rough windy days. In addition to that, the chin drawstring also compliments to keep the hat on you without any issues.

It maintains its shape even if you keep it folded for some time so you don’t have to worry about its quality.


  • Breathable
  • High-quality polyester
  • Waterproof
  • ​Do not fade away
  • Rear drawstring and chin drawstring
  • Can be folded
  • Brass buttons
  • Can be used during fishing, hiking or gardening


  • Cannot be washed in the washing machine or with a brush

#2, CAMOLAND Breathable Boonie Hat

Camoland offers another wonderful hat that fits perfectly into the needs of a fisherman when they have to enjoy the summer under the sun and on the water while fishing. This one has the broad brim that you will need to keep the sun rays away from your face and neck. This helps in avoiding sunburns and direct sunlight in your eyes.

The hat is breathable and offers easier wear on the hot sunny day and avoid sweating issues. The mesh panels help air flow in easily and continuously. The rust-free button offer easier customization of the brim which can be folded up with the help of these buttons.

The high-quality polyester material is used in making this hat that offers fade-resistant surface and dries out quickly. For a perfect fit and avoiding the wind problems, this one comes with a drawstring to adjust the hat on your head and the chin drawstring keeps it stable as well.
The anti-sweat construction with the sweatband and absorptive breathable lining makes it easier to avoid sweating. It is flexible and can be folded and stored in a storage easily.


  • Quick dry
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable drawstring and chin string
  • Flexible and foldable
  • Sweat-free
  • Fade resistant


  • Not completely waterproof

#3, OMECHY Waterproof Bucket Hat

With 100 percent polyester fiber cotton materials this hat does not fade away and offer perfect design for outdoor games. The hat is breathable and creates a continuous airflow towards the inside to keep the sweat away. The decorative, stylish rope around it and embroidered look make it look stylish along with all its features making it perfect for outdoor games.

The material used is UPF50+ and provides a waterproof and flexible construction so that you can wear it, fold it and keep it along with your accessories in a backpack.
There is a button to hold up the brim whenever you need from both sides and one side. The chin strap helps you keep the hat in place on windy days outdoors.


  • Flexible and foldable
  • Waterproof
  • Chinstrap
  • Button-up brim sides
  • Stylish
  • Sweat-free
  • Perfect for outdoor activities


  • Hand wash only and not machine washable

#4, Columbia Bora Bora Booney II Sun Hats

Columbia Bora Bora Sun hat is one perfect match for the outdoor activities and especially for the fishing game. The hat is made with imported textured Nylon fabric that offers least wear and tear and keeps you protected from the extreme sunlight and is waterproof as well.

The Omni-shade with UPF 50 sun protecting element you stay away from the harmful sun rays. This will help in avoiding sunburns and other skin issues so you can enjoy your game without worrying about the possible hazards due to sun rays. The Omni-wick provides sweat free feel with continuous air-flow towards the head to keep you cool and easy all the time.

It also improves the vision by providing shade for the eyes. The drawcord with a toggle on the rear helps in adjusting the hat on the head. The chin strap keeps the hat on during windy conditions. The UPF 50+ keeps the sun rays effects to the least while protecting the wearer from UVA and UVB.


  • Quick dry, waterproof
  • Easy to adjust on head
  • Easy to fold
  • ​High-quality materials do not fade away
  • Omni-shade and Omni-wick for sweat-free protection
  • Chin-string
  • Rear adjustable string and toggle


  • The brim feels floppy

#5, Camo Coll Camouflage Outdoor Sun Cap Mesh Boonie Hat

The Camo Coll outdoor sun cap comes in various designs and colors. This camouflage outdoor sun cap has the perfect design to add to the style and is a perfect utility for the fishermen and out gamers. It is made up of cotton and polyester fabric giving it’s a breathable finish for easier use.

It comes with a broad brim and extremely comfortable to wear on because of its lightweight. The mesh component keeps the inside airy and helps in avoiding sweating problems. The hat also has an adjustable, easy to use drawstring for keeping the hat in place in windy conditions.


  • Breathable
  • Comes with the drawstring
  • Lightweight and quick dry
  • Flexible and easy to fold


  • Not completely waterproof

Things You Need To See In The Best Fishing Hat

When you are looking for a perfect fishing hat that you can wear for hours, you may look for the following features to make sure you get the protection need:


If you are looking for a fishing hat that will protect you from the sunlight and will also retain its shape and color, you may look for the polyester hats because they are more resistant to external factors as compared to cotton hats. You may also consider a combination of polyester and cotton for a softer hat finish.

The Wide Brim

Wide brim helps in providing enough shade on the head and face or neck area so make sure to select a flexible yet sturdy brim on the hat for keeping the sunray away from the skin to avoid sunburns.

The Size Of The Head And The Hat

The side of the hat that matches your head should be checked as well. Some hat comes with a drawstring cord to fit the hat on the head and such hats fit most of the heads easily. Look for the perfect size or may look for a free size with adjustable drawstring cord.

Lesser Wear And Tear Or Fading

A hat that easily fades out is not a thing that is the best. Make sure you choose the hat that has the capability to stand sturdy against the wear and tear issues for a long time use.

UPF Protection

Most of the outdoor hats come up with UPF protection rating. The one shaving UPF 50+ is considered a good thing. So look for the hat that offers UPF protection to save your skin.

Quick Dry And Breathable

Quick dry and breathable hats help in staying cool and stay away from sweating during the extreme heat conditions.

Drawstring and chin strap

A drawstring on the hat rear helps in adjusting on the head whereas the chin straps assure the hat stays on your head without getting blown away by the wind. So make sure these two features are there in your hat making is more customizable and adjustable according to your needs.


Waterproof hats make sure you don’t get bothered by the rainy season. Though you may or may not need to fish during rain it would be a plus if you have a waterproof hat.

Why Do You Need To Buy A Fishing Hat?

There are many reasons you may need to get a hat for a fishing adventure, the basic reasons are:

  • A hat helps you avoid sunburns
  • It helps to avoid the extreme heat by covering your head
  • It offers enough shade for your face and neck to avoid sunburns
  • Hats come with neck and face cover flaps as well to protect from insects

Concluding our discussion about the best fishing hats we can surely say that having the best fishing hat that protects you from the sun, from the rain, keeps you cool, and helps you avoid sunburn is the best way to enjoy fishing this season. 

Why not keep the skin burns away and enjoy the fishing game to the fullest? Just remember you can always find a hat that is stylish and still keep you cool and protected no matter how aggressive is the sun.

Best Fishing Hat To Buy This Year 2019
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