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Time and time again, a lot of innovations has been seen in the fishing industry. We now have the sophisticated fishing gadgets which are an advanced version of the simple accessories. Further, one of the biggest and finest innovations in the fishing domain is the introduction of the ‘Fish Finder’ which has made this sport quite an interesting and easy activity.

The Fish finder is a device which makes use of the sound energy of the reflected pulses in order to locate fish in lakes, oceans, and rivers etc. The measurements of the reflected sound are captured by the device in the graphical form in the majority of the advanced fish finders available today in the market. 

Multiple vendors come with a variety of devices where each carries different value for the user. You really do not need to spend too heavily on this equipment as you can get the best fish finder under 200 dollars.

Our Top Choices

Garmin STRIKER Fish Finder
Garmin STRIKER Fish Finder
Garmin 4cv with Transducer Functionality
Garmin 4cv with Transducer Functiona​lity

Buying a fish finder is no doubt a necessary thing for those who are always looking for easy ways to get more fishes caught in their net or via their fishing reels. A fish finder comes with lots of variable features and capabilities which are determined on the basis of their functions, their operation and the way they map and plot the underwater environment. 

Fish finder helps people find their way to the areas where they can find more fishes of the same kind they have been looking for.
Here are few things you have to focus on before buying the one you actually need:

The display Screen

The display screen is crucial when it comes to reading the fish finder readings on it. Wider screens are better as compared to the small-sized screen. You may also find devices that get connected to your iPhone, Androids, and tabs to maximize the screen size and let you see clear images underwater.

The Operational Buttons and Functions

The operational button needs to be easy and convenient to work with. Most of the quality fish finders have a separate button for all functions so that amateurs and experts find it easier to use.

The Number of Units and its Size

The size of the fish finder and the units or components it has also effects on the selection of particular fish finders. Bulky fish finders, with multiple units, are difficult to manage and may not be a good fit for Kayaks and canoes.

Portability and Water Proofing

For places where portability matters, you must think of having fish finder which is compact and easy to handle and offer units which are safe from water in all ways.

Daylight Reading

Daylight reading on the screen should be noticed. Because of the fact if you can read the screen under the shiny sunlight, it works a lot better than on screen which goes blunt under the sunlight.


The range or the area covered by the fish finder matters a lot. Some fish finder cover the area beneath the boat for a few meters whereas some may go beyond and map the fishing are as a whole around the boat.

Kind of Scanning and Data Collection

The scanning format and data collection power also is an important feature to look for in the fish finders. You can find fish finders under 200 that offer sonar or GPS data collection. Though GPS fish finders are cheaper than Sonar fish finders.

Wired or Wireless Features

Wired units of fish finders have more power and no interruption whereas wireless units are portable and easy to use in hard to reach areas but have lesser power and may shoe connectivity issues. So you may decide based on your own preferences.

Which is The Best Fish Finder under 200$?

Here is a quick preview of our top 5:

This is the top of the line equipment from the Garmin manufacturer, categorized under the STRIKER series. This hand-held device is easy to use for all its diverse range of functionalities, including GPS, transducer and it is extremely lightweight. The manufacturer particularly has emphasized to stick with the basics and offer the best product to the users for the price.

Garmin 010-01806-00 Garmin STRIKER 4cv with transducer

Pros & Cons



  • It is a smart device which has the capability to save the way points if you happen to visit the same lake next time for fishing. It means you do not need to make any effort again and again for capturing the same way points which you had already done earlier on the same lake or any other spot for fishing.
  • A trolling motor mount comes with the equipment. This mount is particularly useful when you are out and about in a boat in the deep sea for fishing and want to concentrate elsewhere during the activity, rather than just focusing on holding and operating the device.
  • The equipment uses CHIRP Sonar technology backed with an epic transducer for transmitting pules in the water. This is a huge boost as any sound energy transmitting through a device having CHIRP Sonar technology is known to produce the considerably greater amount of energy as compared to a product which doesn’t have this feature.
  • The resolution 480 ply 320 for better and clearer version on the 3.5’ screen.
  • It reaches up to 1750 feet in the fresh water and 850 ft in saltwater.
  • If you are fishing somewhere in the deep remote sea then there are chances of trouble with the GPS location.
  • There are some rare cases reported that the equipment may unexpectedly shut down, while its operational.

This is a successful product considering all the experiences and satisfaction of its users. The manufacturer here has covered all aspects of this device related to its waterproof ability, color display screen and the exceptionalities of its highly sophisticated camera. The HD 600 TV lines camera is used which gives an exceptionally good performance when compared to the HD 420 TV lines that most of the competitors and even the prior versions of the manufacturer has got to offer.

7" Color LCD 600tvl Waterproof 15m Cable 4000mah Rechargeable Battery Fish Finder Underwater Fishing Video Camera with Carry Case

Pros & Cons



  • This equipment means business as first of all, the camera is made from sturdy metal and uses strong plastic, where needed. It is cold and water resistant and the 15 meter long associated cables are waterproof as well. Therefore, you will just have fishing in mind, with no worries about the carrying or safety of the device.
  • This comes with rechargeable batteries and that too, the lithium ion, having 4500MA capacity. It has proven the operational time of 10 hours before you would need a recharge and this is good enough time to carry long duration fishing activity.
  • The 7-inch color display is impeccable, as it gives top quality graphics, which are easy to view, even in bright daylight.
  • Although the charging lasts as long as 10 hours there is no indicator about the battery remaining, which is frustrating. Also, there are complaints about the battery getting seriously hot during recharge.

Garmin STRIKER series with its repute and legacy of offering quality products has never disappointed its customers, and this GPS fish finder device is no exception. The Unique Selling Point of this device is its attention to detail to all the marine life that matters, which includes fish, reefs and several other underwater objects. The CHIRP Sonar technology sends continuous frequencies in order to provide you with a much wider range of information around your boat.

Garmin Striker 4 Bbuilt-in GPS Fish Finder

Pros & Cons



  • The waypoint map makes it very easy to mark, save and later recall your locations, including any of the stumps, brush piles and docks etc.
  • If you or any of your friend has any other STRIKER unit, so you could also then share your most favorite waypoints between the devices. This is one easy way of getting started instantly once you reach the location for fishing.
  • The device is scalable in terms of its performance. If you seek some high performance in terms of the transducer then you can go for the GT8 or the GT15 model transducer in order to extract high-performance CHIRP from the equipment.
  • The instructions manual is not that helpful as the users are required to do a lot of research on their own in order to set and use this device.

‘Portable with Color LCD Display and Sonar Transducer’ is the tagline of this useful and economical fish finder equipment. It can work exceptionally well in different water and daylight conditions. It is particularly backed with highly sensitive sensors which work good in deep water and harsh water conditions as well. Moreover, the combination of the pressure and the temperature sensitivity feature of the equipment is highly helpful as it enables it in the identification of the exact location where the fish is located.

FISHINGSIR Wireless Portable Fish Finder Depth Finder Fishfinder with Sonar Sensor Transducer and 100M LCD colors Display

Pros & Cons



  • The 2.8 inches compact TFT LCD of the device employs 512 colors and the results are crystal clear in bright or dim light conditions. You really don’t need to have any shade over the device to view the readings or the graphs with ease.
  • The setting up and operations of the device are quite user-friendly. This is further supported by its useful and easy to understand useful menu which a lot of its existing users appreciate.
  • The customer service of the manufacturer is quite good and responds quickly and precisely to all your queries.
  • The handheld device is quite rugged with high-quality buttons and an intuitive software to work with. Overall, it offers great value for money for the users of this product.
  • The 2.4 GH zoperation frequency gives maximum 328 feet underwater coverage.
  • Although the device comes with the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries the performance is not good at all. The 5V battery sometimes shutdown only after a few minutes of its use, despite being fully charged.
  • The device may function well for the distant objects but sometimes struggles in precision, while dealing with the closer marine objects.

You can trust the output of this device as much as you trust your eyes. The white LED front of the device is particularly good if you are off to some early morning trips for fishing. The TFT LCD screen has the capacity to show 512 colors which are particularly a great help during bright daylight conditions. It offers great value for money by offering exciting features such as the multi-level depth range, sensitivity settings, and water temperature measurements etc.

Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder Outdoor Fishing Tool Sonar Sensor Boat Depth Locator With LCD Display

Pros & Cons



  • Compactness is the best advantage of this equipment. It has a compact display which is as big or as small as a graphic calculator, yet produces excellent and bright results in dim light even.
  • If you are on a boat or a kayak then the transducer could be towed and you really do not need to mount it, although, it comes with a mount. This is particularly a space saver capability especially when you are in a kayak. Further, the equipment uses 4 x AAA batteries and no 12V battery which is required to be mounted. So, more space saving.
  • The cord leading from the transducer to display is very long and allows you to use the equipment quite freely.
  • The locking collar of the equipment is made from some fragile plastic and it tends to break quite easily if not handled properly.

As we can see above, that plenty of feature-enriched is available at a reasonable price. We particularly targeted the best fish finder under 200 dollars as that is a good enough amount to spend on a product like a fish finder. You get all the required features such as a color display, transducer, GPS, waterproof ability, CHIRP technology and waypoint mapping functionality. You really need to shop well in order to find a product has the best cdombination of all the major features discussed here. Some of the products, especially the ones from Garmin are scalable too, where you could spend more to buy the high-performance transducers as well.

Best Fish Finder Under 200 for 2019
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