The Best Crankbait Rod to Buy in 2019

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Crank baiting has been the most wanted method of hunting bigger and heavier fishes due to many reasons. Fishermen and hobbyists make sure that they have the right kind of bait casting and crank baiting rods to make sure they are capable of supporting heavy fish lures to catch up with bigger game fish.

Though sometimes people may not understand the difference between a bait casting rod and the best crankbait rod, if there is an understanding of its features and benefits then it is easier to look for the best fishing rod for crankbaits for you to count on. In fact, looking at the features is easier when you compare it with the bait caster and rods with minimum strength as compared to the crankbait rods.

Our Top Choices

Ardent 7'6" Medium Action Cast Rod by Denny Brauer
Ardent 7'6" Medium Action Cast Rod by Denny Brauer
Okuma Scott Martin Tournament Concept Rods
Okuma Scott Martin Tournament Concept Rods



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Wright and McGill Skeet Reese S-Glass Crank Bait Rod

7' one piece, lure weight: 1/4-3/4, 10-20lbs,

Okuma Scott Martin Tournament Concept Rods


Ardent 7'6" Medium Action Cast Rod by Denny Brauer


Okuma Scott Martin Tournament Concept Rods

7'0"/8-17 lb. test/1/4-1 oz. lure weight

Shimano Sellus Crankbait Cast Rod

Power: Medium/Pieces: 1/Length: 7'/Action: Fast

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​Important Features to Consider When Buying the Best Crankbait Rods

Due to the fact when you are searching for the best crankbait rods for bass, you must be knowing what you need actually. Like you should be clear about the features that make the crank baiting better for heavy fish and can go deeper and retrieve the line quickly. In other words, you can catch heavy fish more efficiently when you are using a crankbait rod. Here are a few things to look on:

​The Structure Durability and Materials

Definitely, when you are looking for a high-quality crankbait rod, you must be aware of the fact that you need durable materials and that can withstand the heavy pressure and may give you enough power to retrieve the line and fight heavy fish weight. You may also consider looking at the handle and rod design because having a stronger and well-designed handle means you will be able to catch up with bigger fish in a more convenient manner.

​Length of The Rod

The length of the rod is important in many different ways. One reason is that the length of the rod determines the rod action meaning that the longer the rod is the more distant will be the throw of the lure and will cast more line whereas shorter rods make sure you strike precisely. The average length of the crankbait rods is around 6ft 6inches to 8 ft.

​Line Retrieval and Recovery

Line retrieval and recovery rate also depends on the length of the rod and how much line it casts when thrown for the crank baiting. So make sure you match the correct line casting, lure weight and rod length to get the desired speed and retrieval of the line when dealing with the fish you are hunting on.

​Load Capacity

Load capacity is surely important to look at. As you should know the load rating a rod can withstand to make sure you will have a strong hold over the heavyweight fish you need to catch up with.


The flexibility of the rod should be checked as if you need faster action rods then you must select the ones that flex on their tip whereas the ones with medium speed may shoe flex in the middle and the slower ones make sure to give a full flex of the rod.

​Dragging Capacity

Dragging capacity is also a crucial factor. As a fact when you are using crankbaits technique you must be expecting bigger fish to come to your lure hence you need to look for more dragging capacity. Shorter rods are more likely to drag the fish quickly while the longer ones may need time to drag in the lure with fish.

​Easy Handling and Use

Easy handling and usage of the crankbait rods ensure lesser fatigue and efficient play. It is therefore important that you may look for the handle design, weight and structure of the rod as well it's desired length that you are capable to support easily. Further smooth crank baiting and line retrieval ensure higher efficiency and lower stress on your muscles.


Torque is one of the most important technical considerations in the crankbait rods among other features. It is important to note that if the rod shows more torque the crank baiting is easier given that you have high line recovery and gear ration.

​Pressure on The Wrist and Ease of Retrieval

Depending on the kind of rod you have selected it better to choose the rod that fits your fishing needs as well as your own handling preferences. The rod should have a design that is easy to balance and initiate crank baiting with precision.

​Lure weight Capacity

Lure weight capacity determines the distance that the rod will offer. Heavy lure travels farther as compared to lightweight lure. In the same way, the lightweight lure is perfect for shallow water crank baiting whereas heavy lure makes sure to work with deep water crank baiting.

​Line Strength and Weight

Line strength on a crankbait rod as the lighter line travel farther and reaches deep with heavier crankbait whereas the heavy line means more strength and give more power to fight back the heavy fishes.

​Types of Crankbait Rods

There are basically four different kinds of crankbait rods that you can find easily on the basis of the offered features and capacities. These are:

  • Shallow crankbaits
  • Medium crank bait
  • Deep crankbaits rods
  • All-purpose crankbait rods

Shallow water crankbait rod is designed to use a heavy line with short distance target whereas the medium and deep crank baiting rod means heavier lure and lighter line for farther targets. All-purpose rods work perfectly with any given conditions offering shallow and deep water fishing with a wide range of lure sizes and weight.

​Crankbait Rod Power and Rod Action

Crankbait rod power and rod action work together to give better, precise and accurate throw with power.

Most probably you will be looking for medium range crankbait rods. You may need to look for the lure weight the rod can handle or would be working best with it which determines its power. There could be three major types including light, medium light and medium-heavy lure rating with which these rods are usually found on the market.

Rod action is determined by the way it flexes. You and can judge it by looking at the flex of the rod as if its flexes at the tip you are going to have a fast crank baiting experience whereas if it flexes all the way down it would be a slower action.

Crankbait Rod Power and Rod Action

​Top 5 Crankbait Rods

Our top five picks for those who need to find the best deep crankbait rod are discussed below:

#1. Wright and McGill Skeet Reese S-Glass Crank Bait Rod

For anglers and fishing enthusiasts who need convenient and accurate crankbait rods, this is one of the best options available that can serve for fishermen either as a beginner or advanced crank baiting experience. The rod is designed to give a reliable and strong targeting for crankbaits to reach the target accurately and give the strength for catching the desired fish. The rod is being tested for its durability and high-quality experience as it provides the S curve blank for high-level strength and a power to lift up heavy fish.

The structure also ensures that you will be able to exert more power and will face lesser resistance due to weight reduction design. The handle is also designed by using the split design to make sure you are able to balance the rod easily and ensures lesser pressure on your hand. The handle is also complimented with the rubber grip that makes it better for gripping easily with comfort. The guides made of Zirconium helps in reducing the weight pressure and also make the casting process easier for a long distance.

With the excellent design and balanced overall structure supported by strong butt, the crank baiting is easier and accurate with least effort on your part. This is best crankbait rod under $100.

 #2. Okuma Scott Martin Tournament Concept Rods

Some people need a winner among crank baiting rods and this one is for the champions for sure. With strong and balanced structure and high-quality materials, this crankbait rod ensures you will never miss a target for once. The Scott Martin rods are great to be used in tournaments and hobbyists as well. There are many different version available for this rod and all of the options make sure to play a specific role in various tournament needs. The rod features a great 30-ton carbon made rod blank construction.

The rod also comes up with C 40X carbon made a reel for casting and the spinning function. For precise and smooth guiding action the hard aluminum oxide inserts work best with the braided line, monofilament, and fluorocarbon for better strength and easy dragging and casting experience. Ensures knot free line guide and easy balancing while casting and dragging. It also comes up with limited lifetime product warranty from the manufacturer. Check out the best crankbait rod for the money below:

 #3. Ardent 7'6" Medium Action Cast Rod by Denny Brauer

Ardent 7 feet 6 inches is a medium action bait casting rod designed by Denny Brauer and works best for medium range crankbaits and fishing purposes. It features a one-piece flawless rod construction for a durable and string action with least resistant and easy baitcasting and dragging force. The rod is made up of IM 8 graphite and is complemented by the FUJI guides and makes it easier for better bait casting and retrieval.

Along with the sturdy and well-designed rod, the handle is made to perform well for better and balanced support with the help of split cork design that ensures proper pressure balance and force applied to lower the dragging effort and increase the power and balance of the rod.

 #4. Okuma Scott Martin Tournament Concept Rods

This Dobyns Rod is perfect for shallow water crank baiting and can also help in slight deep water crankbaits and fishing. Made with high quality, durable and sturdy materials this rod comes up with stable design, easy grip and balanced action to support fishermen while crank baiting and dragging the fish. The heavy-duty butt ensures more power while dragging and targeting the lure.

As a fact when you are looking for the best level of crank baiting and fishing you should be looking for the medium range crankbait rods. This is a fast action rod with medium heavy lure rating for accurate and fast crank baiting action. It works best with 8 to 17-pound test line and around ¼ to 1 oz lure for better and easy fishing.

 #5. Shimano Sellus Crankbait Cast Rod

Shimano offers high quality, durable and well structure crankbait rods for better balance and targeting well in shallow and deep water. This one is a one piece crankbait rod having the length of 7 feet and comes with 9-inch grip. The EVA grip handle comprises of split design for better balance and support.

The rod features medium power with fast action and supports easy crank baiting. The rod uses 24-ton carbon for durable yet lightweight design and highly sensitive action. The aluminum oxide guides make sure the casting and retrieval are smooth. The rod also comes up with one-year limited warranty. Here is best crankbait rod under $150

Winding up our list of top 5 best crankbait rod list and all the concerns that you need to learn about, we can deduce that you need to look for the features like power, length, and mode of the crankbait rods in order to make sure that you will target the area precisely and will get your desired fishing goals easily. Definitely, it is recommended that you need to go for a medium range lure and crankbait rods for the sake of targeting the medium shallow, medium deep water.

Depending on the kind of fish you are hunting, you may select the ones that go deeper and allows better balance and support all the way through crank baiting and dragging it back. You have to make sure that you are going to pick the correct crankbait rod so that you might not fail while achieving your fishing goals. The structure, the action, and overall gear handling are crucial. So, be a champ with the best fishing gear selected for you!

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