The Best Compound Bow For Women – Top 5 Reviews

Best Compound Bow For Women

Bow hunting and shooting excite most of us and for the perfect aiming experience, the most important thing you need to possess is a perfect compound bow. Women are equally involved and always like to get into the bow hunting and shooting game according to their level of expertise. So, if you are looking for the best compound bow for women you must know some of its key features to compare so that you may not have to waste your money on useless bows.

Here we’ll consider discussing the most important features you must know as well as some of the best options you can choose from as a beginner or an expert bow hunter.

Most Important Features To Compare Compound Bows

Compound bows come in different shapes, sizes, and weights. Your shooting experience may be a frustrating one if you don’t select the right compound bow that suits the purpose you want. Before buying the best compound bow for women, it’s important to understand the different features of a compound bow to select the ideal one for your need.

Below are important features of compound bows you need to bear in mind when buying the right one for your hunting and shooting expedition.

The Weight Of The Bow

Light bows will be easier to carry and more ideal when going for long deer hunting. But some shooters may prefer a heavier bow in some expeditions, especially when they want to shoot best. The draw weight has an impact on the draw cycle, which tests the bows swift reaction when setting up an anchor position.

The weight of the bow can also play an important role to determine how fast you can shoot.
If you want something lighter for test practices and smaller aims, you can go for a lighter bow. However, if you wouldn’t mind the weight but want something that improves the speed of your aim, selecting a heavier bow will be the right decision if you have practice and power to keep up with the bow weight.

The Balance

If you are looking to gain consistency while aiming, you need to have good balance on the bow. The stabilizer mount, bow weight, and axel-to-axel length of the bow are the three main features that determine the bow’s balance. Make sure the bow has a proportional height and weight, otherwise the bow will be throwing you off when aiming.

This is why you need to test several options to be certain the bow has great balance before making your final decision. Always grip the bow very tight when staying at an anchor position to give you a great balance. If the bow still wobbles and you know you have properly positioned yourself, there is something wrong with the bow’s balance. This means you’ll need to try out another one.

Draw Length

The length of the bow should be seriously considered when selecting a great bow. You are required to understand the draw length of your bow to have a consistent aim and a comfortable anchor when aiming. The draw length is affected by the cams. Try to get a draw length that fits well, otherwise, your performance will be affected.

Vibration and Quietness

Having a silent bow is important to enjoy any hunting or shooting expedition. To minimize the sound of your bow, you’ll need two basic accessories: a string suppression system and a string silencer. As their names imply, a string suppression system will prevent any vibration that may arise as you release the arrow while the string silencer minimizes the noise.

The above features are some of the most important things to consider when selecting the perfect compound bow for your needs. With the right tool, you are definitely going to have loads of fun in your hunting or shooting expedition.

Top 5 Best Compound Bow For Women

For women, there is a need to have a stable, medium weight and balanced compound bow that keeps the aiming accurate as well. Here we have sorted and listed some of the best option women can use for their help:

SAS Siege is definitely one of the best compound bows in the market when it comes to simplicity and ease of use. It’s the right archery bow for experienced archers, trainees, and starters.

Siege 55lb bow features a durable layered limb used for drawing weight of up to 55lbs. This bow has a strong string that is easy to pull back and aim precisely. Users will also appreciate its ABS limb which provides balance and accurate aim for both experienced and inexperienced users. With a 206 FPS, a draw length of 29 inches, and 41.5inches axle to axle, you’ll have a complete archery bow you can carry along for your fishing, hunting, and shooting expedition.

Siege 5-spot bow has a lightweight design, making it perfect for individuals of all ages and sizes. Overall, if you are looking for the ideal compound bow for your shooting expedition, there are very few bows that compare with this in terms of durability and shooting accuracy.


  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Comes with strong layered limb
  • Adaptable for both starters and experienced archers
  • Comes with 1-year product guaranty
  • Affordable, efficient, and fairly accurate


  • It’s a bit hard to pull for some beginners

Raptor is a very versatile bow that can be used for target practice, bow fishing, hunting, and lots more. With its innovative split tuning system, you can properly adjust the string and aim precisely. It gives users ultimate control over their aiming range and targets. Raptor hunting bow features a stabilizer, strong rest, and a fully machined durable aluminum. Some bows just give users the ability to aim precisely with their design.

This hunting bow kit is just the ideal bow kit needed by anyone looking to improve their shooting skills. It speeds up your learning curves and gives you total control when aiming your targets. Interestingly, it is fully adjustable to suit any size of the individual. This makes it suitable for both males and females. Overall, Raptor hunting bow has the right accessories to give you a perfect shooting experience.


  • The strings, cams, and the limbs are very durable
  • It provides accurate and precise aim
  • Stylish design and very durable
  • Manufacturer provides a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Adjustable to fit all sizes of individuals


  • The bow is a bit difficult to use

Serene life is another high-quality bow for both novice and experience shooters. Like other great bows, it’s fully designed with machined aluminum with superior craftsmanship. But its main benefit over other types of bows is the usability features. Unlike other types of bows, SereneLife provides clear instructions and guides with usability features for inexperienced individuals looking to get a good knowledge of shooting techniques. It helps even a newbie aim precisely with ease. It also comes with fiber glass limbs with fully adjustable draw lengths and draws weights.

This is also an ideal gift item for kids during Christmas, birthday, holidays, and other special occasions. No matter which archery shooting activity you want to undertake, Serene life is designed to provide an exceptional shooting performance for any type of target. It’s ideal for shooting, hunting, and fishing expeditions. The company is also providing a 1-year product guarantee as insurance against any defective part of the compound bow.


  • Ideal for hunting, shooting targets
  • Dependable and durable
  • Features a complete machined aluminum body
  • Perfect for both novice and experienced shooters
  • Strings designed to provide precise targeting


  • It’s a bit more expensive than some other compound bows

Selecting the ideal compound bow is vital for your fishing, hunting, and shooting expedition. Apart from the weight of the bow to consider, you need to look at other features that can give you precise shooting. The SAS Siege 55 compound bow has all it takes to give you an enjoyable shooting experience. It gives individuals with different levels of experience equal opportunity to aim targets and improve their shooting skills.

It has different adjustable draw lengths to give archers perfect aim on targets. The strings are strong yet very simple to draw when aiming a target. This bow is lightweight, which makes it easy to be taken around wherever you go for your expedition. If you are looking for a properly designed bow with the right features to give you a great shooting experience, they don’t come better than SAS Siege 55 compound bow.


  • It features durable string that seems very easy to pull
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Comes with adjustable draw weight and draw length
  • Ideal for both kids and adults
  • It comes with a paper target, stabilizer and arrow rest


  • It may not be ideal for experienced archers

Iglow 55lb is another great archery bow with adjustable arrow speed and draw weight. The bow provides well-polished design and excellent performance. If you are looking for the right compound bow that provides precise aim, this bow surely fits the bill. It has 70% let off, which is moderate enough for both newbie and experienced archers.

iGlow has a strong string but cooperative enough to help you hit your target with precision. The price of the compound bow is also decent, considering its overall features and the cost of other compound bows in its class. Also, its lightweight design makes it easy and portable to carry around.

Whether you are still learning the skills or you already have badges of honors in archery, iGlow is an ideal compound bow for anyone looking to have a great time when fishing, hunting, or shooting targets.


  • Stylish design that can stand the test of time
  • Ideal for fishing, hunting, and shooting targets
  • Designed for all levels of archers and shooters
  • Designed with adjustable arrow speed and draw weight


  • It’s a bit strong to pull for some people

Among all these five options the adjustability, balance, lightweight and convenience of use are the key features that have helped us to choose and add in this list for the best compound bow for women. You can choose as per your targeting and aiming needs. Make sure to choose the bow that is easy to use and is capable of giving you the most accurate results.


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