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South Bend Catfish and Bullhead Rig
South Bend Catfish and Bullhead Rig
Eagle Claw 6/0 Catfish Rig
Eagle Claw 6/0 Catfish Rig

What is the Best Bait for Catfish?

​Catfish are a bit strong thus the need for the relatively simple rigs. You need a rig with the least number of components thus reducing the risks of knots breaking and component failure.

Similarly, if the rig is rich, it will present a weight that interferes with a natural presentation thus making the cats be suspicious thereby avoiding your bait. In a nutshell, for one to be able to end up with successful fishing expeditions there is the need for one to grab the best catfish rig before going down to the waters.

Buying Guide for the Best Catfish Rigs

As mentioned above, it is always prudent that the rig to throw into the appropriate site be one that is as simple as possible. These are rigs that are easy to construct on-site at those times when abraded leaders require replacement or even when the rigs get lost to snags. Such simple rigs will also tangle less often as well as be able to cast further when compared with the complex product that was constructed to accomplish tasks within the same situations.


It is, however, important to understand that function cannot be replaced by simplicity. Don’t go too simple to the extent that you remain with a trap that retains no value at all. When considering simplicity, let all your attention always be directed at the presentation of the bait to the fish. With this in mind, the cleanest and simplest possible rig is then chosen. In brief, a simple rig will consist of a hook and bait.

Types of Rigs

a) Drift Rigs:

This is one of the best rigs for use in fishing in shallow waters such as in ponds, shallow flats in lakes or in reservoir creek arms among others. They keep the bait moving at the bottom of the water body in question

b) Slip Float Rigs:

As in the case of the drift rigs, the slip float rigs also keep the baits at the bottom of the water body and at the current speed of the corresponding waters. The only difference is that they snag often less as compared with the drift rigs. This allows the cats to swim with the bait for a short distance without feeling any considerable resistance.

c) Slip Rigs:

The egg sinker slip rig is the most common and popular bottom rig for the fishing of catfish. It is one of the most versatile as well as one of the most effective hence its popularity. The rig’s main objective is to keep the baits as close as possible to the bottom as it also allows the catfish to swim off with minimal possible recognizable tension.

d)Poly Ball Rigs:

This is not a very popular rig but it comes handy to those who would want the bait to be anchored in place but somewhere not close to the bottom. Live baits that remain swimming on top will usually attract more fish than those baits at the bottom of the water bodies.

e) Three-Way Rigs:

Also referred to as the Wolf River rig, it is among the most versatile rigs as it is not only a good option for catching catfish but also other types of fish. It effectively presents static baits in heavy currents as well as in the still waters of the pond. It has been credited for being able to attract fish from locations where other rigs aren’t able to hold.

f) Paternoster Rigs: 

It is a specialized three-way rig system that requires a little more extra time of tying especially when you want to present live baits to the flatheads. The live baits will produce low-frequency vibrations due to the slight exposure that makes them to panic and feels vulnerable. This easily attracts the cats by the stimulation of their super-sensitive lateral lines.

​Important Knots to Know For Catfish Rigs

  • Trilene Knot:

    It is s strong and easily tie-able knot that perfectly ties the terminal tackle
  • Dropper Loop:

    Some catfish rigs require leader addition. Dropper loops come in handy when these additions are required
  • Easy Snell:

    It is a great way that circle hooks can be attached to leaders. It is yet another super easy knot tying process that also results in a super strong knot.

Top 4 Best Catfishing Rigs

#1. Eagle Claw 6/0 Catfish Rig

This is a good quality double hook rig system that is inarguably the best catfish rig on the market. Good rigs aren’t those that are elegant to look at but rather those that produce excellent results. As a matter of fact, Eagle Claw produces excellent performance results in the job it does. If you are looking for a product that will enable you to catch fish up to 20 pounds weight and above, then the Eagle Claw will surely not disappoint.

Eagle Claw 6/0 Catfish Rig - Dual Hooks

Pros & Cons



  • Comes with 2 minnows rigs together with a threading needle in each pack
  • It produces very effective performance results by securely holding the minnow ensuring that it doesn’t curl or tear off thus offering a great presentation
  • It is easy to work with, thanks to the slotted eye needle that has been included for easy threading of the rig, down through the catfish’s mouth.
  • The product has been designed in such a manner that it places the hook towards the minnow’s rear thereby perfectly hooking your target.
  • Won’t work for everyone

#2. Gamakatsu Catfish Rig Circle Hook

This circle hook rig is yet another among the best catfish rigs. It features an extremely sharp hook that accompanies the monofilament line and together with the SPRO Power Swivel, you have a ready to fish rig right out of the package. The hook’s circle design, together with the barb solid hook sets prevents swallowing thus ensuring that you will have your cat in the best of shape. It is a type of rig that has been designed to enable the angler focus on the fish rather than the device.

Gamakatsu Catfish Rig Circle Hook

Pros & Cons



  • Features a barbed hook system that comes with a razor-sharp point
  • A quality, the impressive construction comprising of a 28-pound circle hook attached to a 50-pound premium monofilament line for perfect functioning
  • Comes with two rigs in each packet
  • The swivel may not be as big as some anglers may want it to be

#3. South Bend Catfish and Bullhead Rig

This spin kit includes two pieces, pole float with stop & large red bead, catfish/bullhead rigs, loaded reusable tackle kit, catfish worms, 7 ft rod, non-lead egg weights, stainless steel, treble hooks and a fish stringer. It has been designed with quality and performance in mind, having been constructed using the highest quality materials. In a nutshell, this is yet another quality product that you will trust to use in catching catfish hence its inclusion among the best catfish rigs.

South Bend Catfish and Bullhead Rig

Pros & Cons



  • Comes with clear and easy to follow rigging guides thus making it a great product for the beginner
  • It is a terminal tackle rig fishing system, one of the most popular fishing rig systems
  • It is very versatile and can be used to catch a number of fish varieties such as the ling cods, sharks and, the catfish among others
  • Features a quality design with the interlock snaps being of stainless steel, a nylon coated wire and a durable barrel swivel plated with nickel
  • Not impressive in catching bigger fish

#4. Pack Universal Flies by Best Fishing Secrets

This is a patented catfish rig system that has proven that it is effective and reliable in catching a wide range of sport fish species. It has been designed for performance rather than looks. In the package are 2-green bodied flies and 2 yellow bodied flies.

4-Pack Universal Flies

Pros & Cons



  • It is versatile enough to be able to catch a wide range of fish species such as the catfish, the trout, the gar, the crappie and the bass etc. Fish wet/dry also possible
  • It is a terminal tackle rig fishing system, one of the most popular fishing rig systems
  • Features a strong durable design at an affordable price
  • It may not be the best for small fish

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it a guarantee that with the right catfish rig I will enjoy bumper harvest?

Without the right bait being placed in the right location, no matter how good your catfish rig may be, you will tweak your product here and there but end up with no catch at all.

2. What is it that matters with the catfish rigs?

Get obsessed with patterning fish, learn how to find them, and know the right bait for each situation. Learning how to pattern blue the catfish is also equally important.

3. Will a difference in the leader length have a difference in my final results?

4. Stop Losing Bait When Catfishing

Check out the following video

5. How do I Fish for Catfish?


All in all, the Eagle Claw 6/0 Catfish Rig happens to be the best catfish rig. In addition to its great price, the product is versatile, durable and dependable when it comes to catching fish. With the most appropriate bait being thrown at the right spot using this product, you are almost guaranteed that you will be going home with a great catch. Always do your homework before going to the cashier.

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