Top 5 Best Camping Chair For A Bad Back 2019

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Camping brings pleasure and luxury in our lives and it is one of the best time you could ever spend to relax. Such an exciting venture could become painful if you are suffering from back pain issues.

When you have bad back you need to find one of the best camping chairs for bad back that is capable of giving your back the support, comfort and relaxed feel your back needs.

To make sure you will be able to fight the back pain easily and relax as you deserve while camping on your favorite camping site, we have carefully sorted some of the best camping chairs for the bad back so that you don’t have to manage the pain all the time out there.

Our Top Choices

KingCamp Moon Saucer Padded Camping Chair
KingCamp Moon Saucer Padded Camping Chair
KingCamp Folding Chair
KingCamp Folding Chair


Product Name



KingCamp Folding Chair

KingCamp Folding Chair

330 lbs

KingCamp Moon Saucer Padded Camping Chair

KingCamp Moon Saucer Padded Camping Chair

10.3 lbs

Portable Stadium Chair

Portable Stadium Chair

10.4 pounds

KingCamp Director Folding Chair

KingCamp Director Folding Chair

7.7 lbs

Timber Ridge Folding Chair

Timber Ridge Folding Chair

17.6 lbs

Features To Consider When Buying A Camping Chair When You Have A Bad Back?

Having a painful back is not something anyone would love to experience. A lot of people now have bad backs because of their inability to maintain physical exercise and use the right ergonomic product. To cushion the effect of back pain there have been some inventions, prominent among them is a folding camping chair with back support. 

As you are already aware, conventional camping chairs are not comfortable to sit due to their inadequate lumbar support. This can cause tension on the spinal disc, leading to back pains when seated.
If you are looking to buy a camping chair with the intention of providing support to your back, there are a lot of features to consider. Below are the features to consider when buying a camping chair when you have a bad back.

Chairs With Padded Support

Very few camping chairs have a lumbar support, unlike most others that are quite hollow at the back. A padded support at the back is the main feature for most chairs for individuals with a bad back. Most of these types of chairs are cushioned with foam materials, some with memory foam. When shopping for chairs for the sake of bad back, look for chairs with a padded support to keep you more comfortable and proving a soothing effect on your back.

Material For Construction

Camping chairs are designed with different materials, each with their benefits and shortfalls. The best camping chairs have aluminum legs, which makes them very stable at the base. For the body, nylon material is more preferred because it is water resistant, durable, and not difficult to maintain.

For the back, select a camping chair with closed cell padding. As stated earlier, chairs with closed cell padding are more comfortable and provide great support at the back, which is better for individuals with a bad back.

Footrest And Armrest

Some camping chairs come with footrest and armrest. Footrests in most camping chairs are to make users more relaxed. This will be quite ideal for older people who crave for comfort. The armrest serves a similar purpose, although they might add to the overall weight of the camping chair. Since your aim is to have a camping chair that provides support, having a chair with these features (footrest and armrest) will be great.

Weight Capacity

Camping chairs come in different weights and sizes. When considering the ideal camping chair to buy, it’s important to consider who will be using the chair. So, if you are buying the chair for yourself, consider a lightweight chair that is strong enough to hold your weight and keep you comfortable while relaxing with your back settled on the chair.

However, if more than one person is going to use the chair, make sure to consider the weight of others and select a camping chair suitable to carry any of the users.

Camping chairs are great support mechanisms to keep users more relaxed and comfortable when at home or sitting outdoors. If you are buying the chair for a bad back, consider chairs with special comfortable features that will help keep your back more relaxed and cushion the effects of any back pain. Overall, it’s always good to carry out a proper research when buying the ideal camping chair that will give you comfort and help you preserve a good posture.

Top 5 Best Camping Chairs For A Bad Back

#1. KingCamp Folding Chair

KingCamp folding chair provides ultimate comfort and relaxation for a sporting event, tailgating, BBQ, and family relaxation and for camping. It comes with a cup holder, storage pocket, padded headrest, and padded hard armrest. If you are looking for the right chair to cushion the effect of back pain, this soft and durable folding chair is an ideal purchase. One of its most important features is the breathable 600D oxford fabric used in its design.

This makes it very soft and comfortable on the back. It’s perfect for those with back pains and aches looking for a very comfortable folding chair to ease their pains and provide support. KingCamp is also very durable and lightweight, which allows you carry it easily. The chair’s steel frame support and durable polyester fabric make it suitable for weights of up to 330lbs. Overall, KingCamp is a high-quality folding chair you will love if you crave comfort.


  • Designed with innovative padded material that provides comfort
  • Provides soothing relief for back pain
  • Lightweight and easier to carry with its carry bag
  • Designed with durable aluminum frame
  • Convenient for relaxation during outdoor activities


  • The seat sags a little bit after longer use

#2. KingCamp Moon Saucer Padded Camping Chair

Here is another high-quality camping chair from the KingCamp brand. Like other high-end camping chairs, this model has a strong steel frame design that supports weights of up to 330lbs. It also provides soothing relief for those having back pains. KingCamp moon saucer comes with a shoulder strap and a carry bag for easy transport and storage. Other features of the KingCamp include a cooler bag, a cup holder, and a padded seat that provides support and comfort.

The chair is designed with a breathable moisture wicking fabric that effectively contours the body and provides great relaxation. Moreover, it’s quite affordable compared to other camping chairs with similar features. For those looking for the right camping chair to provide ultimate relaxation and great comfort, this padded camping chair is surely a great bargain.


  • Designed with a rugged steel frame for durability
  • The seat is designed with padded material that provides comfort
  • Comes with cooler bag and cup holder
  • Features a shoulder strap and carry bag for easy transportation and storage
  • Lightweight and very portable design


  • It doesn’t come with a mesh button
  • The carry bag is too light

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Best Camping High Chairs

#3. Portable Stadium Chair

This is a high-end comfortable recliner for individuals looking for maximum comfort. It comes with so many features to make it more comfortable and relaxing to users. The recliner is large, comes with thick padding, and can recline into six different positions, allowing you stay in the most comfortable way you want. The portable stadium chair features 2 pockets for coffee tumblers, water bottle, extra battery, and cellphone. Its armrest has thick padding with cushions at the seat and back to provide ultimate comfort.

The chair is broad and quite large to accommodate any size of the individual. Moreover, the chair is water resistant and very easy to wash. If you are looking for a very comfortable camping chair for your ultimate comfort when relaxing with family or when outdoors, this durable and comfortable camping chair will be perfect for you.


  • Large enough to accommodate all sizes of individuals
  • Comes with 2 pockets to keep some of your important items
  • Reclines into six different positions
  • Ideal for outdoor events
  • Comes with 5-year product warranty


  • It’s a bit large and not very easy to carry like other folding chairs

Best Folding Camping Chairs

#4. KingCamp Director Folding Chair

We already know KingCamp is a household name when it comes to brands of high-quality folding chairs. This model folding chair is designed with sturdy aluminum tube frame perfect for individuals weighing up to 300lbs. Unlike some other folding chairs in this market, the chair is lightweight and very portable. In fact, it’s one of the lightest folding chairs you will ever see on the market. KingCamp Director folding chair has a cushioned armrest and a padded back that contours the body and provides ultimate comfort.

If you are buying this chair because of back pains, you are certainly taking the right decision. The padded material and the 1200 D oxford fabric used in its design provide soothing relief to back pains. The chair is slip resistant because of the rubber foot included at the base. Other features of this folding chair include cotton padding on the seat and a cup holder for keeping your phone, snacks, and drinks.


  • Designed with strong aluminum frame for durability
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with cushioned armrest for maximum comfort
  • Soft padding at the back provides soothing relief for back pain


  • A bit more expensive than some other folding chairs.

#5. Timber Ridge Folding Chair

Timber Ridge has been around for a long time now. In fact, it’s the most user-friendly chair of all folding chairs reviewed here. This chair is perfect for sporting events, staying in the garden, camping, or other outdoor activities. It comes with adjustable pad foot to ensure stability. You will also like the lightweight design of the chair and the 1-year warranty provided by the company to assure you of quality.

Timber Ridge is designed with high-quality materials, so you don’t have to worry about the longevity of the folding chair. It provides 5 adjustable options to give you a plethora of choices on how you want to sit with the chair. With a comfortable pad and a cushioned design, you are going to enjoy the overall comfort and relaxation you get from this foldable chair.


  • Timber Ridge had an ergonomic design for better comfort
  • It features 5 different reclining positions
  • The body is designed with strong aluminum
  • Comes with padded material on the seat and back for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight and very easy to carry


  • Doesn’t come with holders to keep your items


Things To Know Before You Get The Camping Chair To Support Your Back

Camping chairs are one of the highly efficient tools available in the market for people with a back problem. People with back problems normally find it very difficult to sit on the floor or anywhere. They need proper support for their back so that they can be comfortable. In such cases if you wish to go camping and also want to enjoy the whole camping experience, you need a chair to support you back throughout.

The camping chair must be foldable and light weight so that you can easily carry it from one place to the other. There are hundreds of designs available in the market to choose from and hence the buyers are confused as to which is the best camping chair for a bad back? The back pain is a big problem and requires special attention and care wherever you go. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions that one comes across while buying the chair-

Q: What Is The Use Of Lumbar Support?

The lumbar support is specifically designed to support your back and provide you with extra support in case of severe back pain.

Q: Why Is Portability Important?

People often need to consider the best features for the price. It is easy to carry the portable chairs than the other chairs that may be as light weighted as possible. The portable chairs are designed to come in a back pack style case designed to make your camping experience super fun.

Q: What Should I Go For, A Chair With Or Without Armrest?

You can go for either as the chair will provide you with full support, but people generally choose to go for armrests as they provide extra support and comfort to your back. Make sure to get the padded armrests for best experience.

Q: What should be the appropriate width of the chair?

There is no fixed width or height; you can select it according to your ease. All you need to consider is the comfort that it provides.

Q: Should I go for a still or a rocking chair?

Considering the most common questions people ask while buying the best camping chair for back pain, it is mandatory that you keep all the key factors in your mind. It is not the money that is important but the quality at the price. The expensive stuff comes in great specifications which we do not require and hence it is a better idea to select the specification rather than the price you wish to buy.

Don’t go overboard and stick to your budget. There are thousands of options that will provide you with the best of it at that price. Also the chair depends upon the intensity of back pain. The chairs are made up of specific material that can help ease your pain and you will feel perfectly alright while sitting on it.

Among all these listed camping chairs we can say that you can choose to depend on your weight requirements and the way you want to relax on it. You may also compare these together to find your best match.

But we are sure you can find each as much useful, as others are and will surely get the kind of support your back needs. Make sure to compare the size and weight limit along with the presence of padded support for better and comfortable experience.

Top 5 Best Camping Chair For A Bad Back 2019
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