The Best Anchor for Pontoon Boat in 2019

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Pontoon boats work best for leisure activities and they are surely made to provide the best experience on the water. But when it comes to anchoring the pontoon boat there are much more things to consider to avoid drifting into the water. The first and the most important thing is to get the best anchor for a pontoon boat that will be sufficient and appropriately designed to provide the best anchor for your pontoon boat. People may think that all anchors are the same but here we’ll be discussing the different features of different options you can find and how it may help to anchor your pontoon more effectively.

Our Top Choices

Slide Anchor Large Box Anchor LBA
Slide Anchor Large Box Anchor LBA
Extreme Max 3006.6527 BoatTector 20 lbs
 Extreme Max 3006.6527 BoatTector 20 lbs

Things to Consider Before

To buy one of the best pontoon anchors you could find online or on the market, you have to make sure and look for a few very important things that determine its usability for the kind of pontoon you have got. There are many things that you will see affecting how well your boat will be anchored in the water.

So here is a comprehensive yet brief list of things that every pontoon owner should know before buying a pontoon anchor.

Different Types of Pontoon Boat Anchors you Want to Buy

There are many different styles and types of anchors that can be used for kayaks, small boats, and water boats. As a fact pontoon boat is a bit different from that of the other types of boats, the anchor has to comply with the type of pontoon boat you have. Most commonly used anchors which are best suitable for the pontoons are:

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    The fluke anchor
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    The box anchor
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    The grapnel anchor

These are the three most appropriate anchor types that can be used with pontoon boats.

The fluke anchor is perfect if you are planning to go in lakes and riversides where there is soft sand, and gravel because it anchors the boat perfectly. The box anchor is perfect for areas where there is mud and the anchor should be able to catch up with the muddy surface. The grapnel anchor works fine with the rocky banks and rivers having pointy rocks alongside the bank.

The waterbed Conditions you Are Going to Visit

As discussed earlier you need to know the waterbed conditions to make sure you are going to choose the right kind of anchor for your pontoon boat. Make sure you know where you will be taking the boat and what kind of bank, shore or waterbed you will have to anchor your boat.

The Size and Weight of the Anchor and Your Boat

The size and weight of the anchor also have to be compared and analyzed before finalizing the best one for your boat. Bigger pontoon may need a heavier anchor or more than one anchor to keep it in the right direction and avoid drifting towards the water. As a fact, water waves as well as air flow affects such boats and may cause movement towards deeper water currents. It is better to anchor the boat correctly. Most of the experts agree that you should use two anchors one on the stern side and the other one on the deck side to keep your boat in the right direction and stable where you want to keep it.

Anchor Accessories you Have

For better anchor usage you may need to look and have a complete pontoon anchor system including pontoon anchor mount and pontoon anchor winch and rope or chain if needed. Make sure to know how much would be the depth of the water because the rope of the chain would be five times more than the depth where you plan to anchor your pontoon.

Top 5 Best Anchor for Pontoon Boat Reviews

Our top 5 best anchors for pontoon boat options are discussed below so that you know them better:

#1. FORTRESS Fluke ANCHOR BOATS 33-38 feet

Fortress anchor has been one of the suitable ones that make sure to hold your pontoon reliably while anchoring it on sandy or gravel based shores. It perfectly penetrates and holds on to the ground quickly and offer stable and firm hold for better anchorage. The overall body of the anchor is composed of rust-free alloy consisting of aluminum and magnesium that offer high tensile strength and precise anchorage.

The perfect design makes this anchor better than heavier metal anchors on the market. The anchor is strong and has been technically designed to penetrate the sand and gravel much faster and better than other anchors of the same kind. The angle of the fluke is adjustable so you can adjust according to the waterbed. The storage of the anchor is also made easier with the easy disassembly. This anodized anchor comes with a money back guarantee of 90-days and a lifetime replacement warranty for its parts.


  • Rust-free
  • Easy to store
  • Penetrates quickly
  • Adjustable fluke angles
  • Comes with 90-days guarantee

#2. Extreme Max 3006.6527 BoatTector 20 lbs Vinyl-Coated Navy Anchor

It is a 20 lbs. Navy anchor that anchors the boat in a wide range of water conditions. Either there are weeds or their rocks, you can rely on this anchor. The reverse action design assures quick action and retrieval. The well-designed flukes and the swivel action make it perfect to fit in any kind of waterbeds. The vinyl coating provides durability in saltwater and freshwater conditions.


  • Well-designed flukes
  • Vinyl coating for increased durability
  • Strong anchorage
  • Can be used in a wide range of water conditions
  • Can be stored easily

#3. Slide Anchor Large Box Anchor LBA

This large box anchor makes use of the stainless steel, galvanized components to give a corrosion free structure for best level anchorage for your pontoon boats. It holds on any kind of waterbed making it sure that your pontoon would stay where you anchor it. It works fine in muddy areas and sand as well. The hinged locks and foldable components allow easier storage and high-quality performance for easier and stronger anchorage. It weighs around 20-25 lbs and can deal with bigger boats. It is also available in different sizes so you may choose as per your boat size and needs.


  • Perfect large box anchor
  • Easy to store
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • No long chain needed

#4. Danielson Galv Anchor 3 lbs. Folding

Danielson Galv Anchor 3 lbs. is Grapnel anchor perfect for personal boats. It works fine in a wide range of waterbed by providing quick and deep penetrating power to keep your boat at the desired angle and place. The anchor assures rust-resistant coated material to avoid corrosion. The folding design keeps it easier to store the anchor on the boats. The anchor can be locked in the folded and open position to avoid any hassles. It weighs 3 lbs. that makes it easier to use and store on the boats. The well-angled anchor design makes sure to grab on the rocks and the waterbed conditions to provide quick and anchor without any kind of problems.


  • Easy to use grapnel anchor
  • Four flukes design
  • Foldable for better storage
  • Comes with locked position options to keep it open or folded
  • Galvanized and corrosion resistant
  • Available in 4 different sizes

#5. Small Box Anchor

This is a small box anchor that is perfect to be used in muddy and sandy areas. The box design helps in keeping the boat in position and works fine in any kind of water conditions. It is very easy to use and you just need to toss it in the water and will make sure to penetrate quickly. In addition to that, it is not a hassle to pull it back as you just have to take the boat above the anchor position that makes it get loosened quickly. The stainless steel body works fine for a long time and avoids corrosion. Compact folding design allows better and easier storage. The anchor works fine for the boats around 18-30 feet. You may use more than one if you need to align the boat in crowded places.


  • Easy to store and foldable
  • Perfect for muddy and sandy areas
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Perfect for boats 18-30 feet

To See the How to Anchor a Boat check out the following video:


Anchor is one of the most important pieces of equipment that is necessary for any type of boat including the Pontoon boat. Let us have a look at some of the important factors associated with anchors.

Q: What are the important characteristics of an anchor for a Pontoon boat?

A: There are multiple factors that need to be considered before you purchase an anchor for the Pontoon boat. This includes the weight, material used, foldable and the accessories. In order to hold and provide anchor to an average sized boat you would need 15 to 20 lbs of anchor in terms of weight.

Amongst the three different types of anchors, the box anchor is usually available in the heaviest category and larger sizes. Generally a heavier anchor is better for your boat however when it comes to Pontoon boat that is not the case. Any anchor that weighs up to 30 pounds will do the job for you. In terms of material you should select galvanized anchor in order to avoid damage caused by humidity.

If the space on the boat is limited then you must get an anchor that is foldable and has a storage bag that comes with it. While accessories are not the most decisive factor while buying an anchor but it's nice to get some value for money and thus get some of the additional accessories such as a chain or a retrieval ring with the anchor.

Q: What are the different types of Pontoon anchors?

A: In terms of the different types of anchors, the 3 fundamental anchors used for Pontoon boats include Fluke anchors, Grapnel anchors and box anchors. It is important to note that the choice of anchor depends on the type or the nature of water you are going to sail in.

Q: What is one of the most important pieces of equipment needed for a Pontoon boat?

A: Anchor is one of the most important components of a Pontoon boat. Anchor helps on holding a boat together and is one of the fundamental requirements of a Pontoon boat.

Q: What are the different anchor products available in the market?

A: Based on your requirements some of the best anchors for Pontoon boats include Fortress anchor, Slide large box anchor, Foldable grapnel anchor, Sliding small box anchor and Penetrating galvanized styled fluke anchor. The choice of anchor for your Pontoon boat depends on the type of boat, the water you would be sailing into and your personal budget. Once you have considered all these factors you can then make an informed decision on the purchase.

Q: Does one anchor do the job for all types of boats?

A:  No, the different types of boats have their own anchor requirements based on their size and weight. It's not a one type fits all kind of component. Thus you must be aware and have proper knowledge of the requirements of your boat and journey before you decide to buy an anchor for the Pontoon boat.


Anchors are important if you want to keep yourself away from hassles while on a recreational journey on your pontoon. That is why it is necessary to find the best anchor for a pontoon boat that will keep on the river bank or the dock where you are going to keep your pontoon stay for some time. Though we have discussed that box anchor, grapnel and fluke anchors work perfect for the pontoon boat but there are still some of them which are better than the rest of the available list. We can say that FORTRESS Fluke ANCHOR BOATS 33-38 feet would be a great option for most of the pontoon boats if you are planning for the sandy or gravel laden waterbeds. In case if the site has lots of mud Slide Anchor Large Box Anchor LBA would be a great option. You may adjust anchoring on the basis of water conditions, waves, size of your pontoon and wind conditions as well.

The Best Anchor for Pontoon Boat in 2019
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