Bear Apprentice 3 Review: Real-Tree Archery RH 50 A4AP21005R

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Bear Archery is known for producing the best products in archery category and this Apprentice 3 Real-Tree is no exception in this regard. This bear apprentice 3 review promises to cover all aspects of the product from its design to performance and the ease of using this equipment by the outdoor enthusiasts.

The unit supports flawlessly the bowing needs of both the young kids and the teenage archers with ease and in style. The next generation Apprentice 3 design is especially suitable for young archers who are looking for convenience while employing such a product in their game play. You can avail this product as a complete and ready to shoot package, along with every tweak that a shooter would require to shoot it right.

As many of you might have experienced the difficulty in assessing such bow kits with all the complicated features, we are here to assist you with the up-to-date required information to make an informed decision. The following are the features to look out for in order to assess the quality and performance of this product:

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#2, Design

The axle to axle length of this equipment is 27 1/8 inches along with the brace height of 6 inches. This one is a bear flared quad limb model which offer lethal and extremely well-controlled power. The net weight of the unit is just over 3 pounds along with 70 percent let off.

#3, Performance

The Apprentice 3 comes with the cast and precision-machined aluminum material riser. The product offers adjustable means of the draw weight which the archer could employ within the range of 15 to 60 pounds of weight. On top of that, the draw length is also fully customizable and falls within a diverse range of 15 to 27 inches.

#4, G3 Cam System

There is a 2-cam rotating type module G3 cam system. Such mechanism offers very convenient let-off for a comfortable draw and then making a very steady aim.

#5, Package

This is a complete package which comes with ready to hunt accessories such as, Trophy Bridge sight, Whisker Biscuit, Trophy Ridge Sling and Stabilizer, Peep Sight, Trophy Ridge Quiver and the Nock Loop etc.

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#6, Suitability and Variations

The product with all its impeccable features is found to be suitable for youth. The precise age group could be within the range of 6 to 16 years or so. It is available in multi-colors and only supports the needs of the right-hand archer.

Bear Apprentice 3 Review:

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Editor R​ating:

  • The product offers zero tolerance of the limb pocket in order to offer top most precision in shooting.
  • Compatibility is the best advantage of this unit. The unit is found to be quick release compatible and also compatible to be used with bare hands.
  • The sight adjustable feature is excellent which allows kids to shoot with precision at a reasonable distance with no hindrance at all.
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    The Bear Archery products are known for their innovation in every iteration of their offering in the market. This one precisely is loved for its innovative string compression which makes this product looks like a high-end one rather than a toy for kids.
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    The adjustable and adaptable features are excellent. The kids as young as 6 to 7 years could adapt it just as per their convenience. The draw weight range of 15 to 60 pounds is ideal to be employed by young kids and the teenagers. Further, there is potential for having the maximum amount of preload power through the quad limbs.
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    This is an ideal equipment as it provides a complete kit which makes it a diverse range and a ready to hunt solution for the archers.

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Despite being a complete resource for the youth, it is designed in such a way that it supports only the right-hand archers and it is of no use for archers having left-hand control.

The maximum draw length of 27 inches is a bit limited. It might not be compatible for kids in high school or in the upper teenage group.

Be careful while choosing this product as there are many variations of its names where some keywords to be notified are Youth Compound Bow, Youth Women Compound Bow, APG Camo and the Compound Bow RealTree etc.

The bear apprentice 3 review educate you about every aspect of the Apprentice 3 product with precise information about the quality, performance, and design of it. This is ideally designed for the youth within the age range of 6 to 16 years of age. The usability might have been enhanced if the maximum draw length is a little over 27 inches. Nevertheless, the draw weight range of 15 to 60 pounds, its design, weight, G3 cam system and the complete range of accessories make it ideal for a good range of archers.

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Bear Apprentice 3 Review: Real-Tree Archery RH 50 A4AP21005R
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