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outdoorgearworld.com was launched at the beginning of August 2006 with just one aim: to tell people what’s good – and what’s rubbish – in the world of the outdoors.
Outdoor is a mere job for some, but for others, it is a passion. If you find yourself scrounging for time to go away for fishing, hiking, hunting …, you are probably in the right place. This blog outdoor gear world has been created to let the love of outdoor, Hunting, Fishing anyone and everyone who loves this sport and has a true passion for it, yet want to learn more about it or contribute to our and everyone else’s knowledge of outdoor.

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Davis the Outdoor Sportsman

Richard C. Davis

Richard C. Davis – Founder, Chief Editor

2319 Rodney Street

Saint Louis, MO 63101

Email Address: contact@outdoorgearworld.com

Davis is an outdoor sportsman who has a love for outdoors right from childhood. At a younger age, his father usually takes him out for bow hunting and then for deer hunting. There, he quickly learned how to use different types of riffles. Not too long, Davis joined his father and they became a team for many years. The idea of helping others experience the pure ecstasy of being an expert in hunting and outdoors led him to find ways he can help others. He helped a lot to establish this website.

Davis has been with us inception, and he has brought in a lot of experience with him. When hunting, it’s important to make use of the best tools available to you. Davis has a sound knowledge of hunting techniques and parameters.

He knows what it takes to get ready for a great hunting experience. Whether you need advice on the best tools for deer hunting or want to work with the best rangefinder, Davis is skilled and knowledgeable in that area. He understands the goal of the Outdoor Gear World establishment and is serious about helping other outdoor enthusiasts achieve their desired goals.

Along with his hunting experience, Davis has lots of fishing experience too. As someone who is surrounded by rivers for many years, he has often enjoyed the weekend fishing expeditions with his elder brother.

When you are looking for a specialist in outdoors matters, there is no better option than someone who has been involved since childhood. With the wealth of experience he has, you can get good advice that will help you succeed.

James the Target Hunter

James Larsen

James has a pure passion for hunting and everything that has to do with hunting rifles, rangefinders, optics, and other outdoor tools. He is a professional hunter with extensive experience in hunting and different types of firearms. He is well versed in selecting, mounting, and using riflescopes.

James brings a wealth of experience spanning 15 years of romance with the outdoors world. He was born in Pittsfield, Illinois, where hunting is more of a way of life. While growing up, James learned through experience the best archery and hunting techniques and which types of hunting tools are the best. James has been involved in several hunting expeditions with so many recorded successes too.

He has coached several outdoorsmen to attain their hunting goals. As part of the strong team at outdoorgearworld.com, he has helped our audience a lot with rifle recommendations, product reviews, product testing, and advice on the best hunting gears to buy.

Whenever there is an opportunity for a morning spent hunting or a little fishing, BC is always excited to be among the train. James makes valuable use of his off time by teaching several outdoor skills, including basic survival and land navigation.

When he isn’t outdoors, James helps outdoorgearworld.com in various ways by writing about the outdoors, with more emphasis on the various top quality hunting gadgets. He offers advice to aspiring outdoorsmen who want to become professionals in their chosen field. He specializes in training wildlife and game managers who are interested in becoming professionals in game management and other wildlife activities.

So, now you know, who we are, what we do and how can we help you, or why should you rely on the information we share, then be sure to check out what we already have started sharing on our website. .

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