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Kayaks have been the most adventurous and exciting canoe type boats that are a must if you wish to enjoy the fishing and boating experience in streams and fast -moving water.

Though these are somewhat different than canoes still the compact structure and the shape resembles the traditional canoe. Ocean Kayak Prowler is one of the best examples of quality kayaks having a great balance in the water and can balance an average person to keep it going with the water stream.

Some of the most important features you can see in the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Reviews are discussed below:

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#1, The Structure and Exterior

This kayak has been designed to offer comfortable and easy kayaking and fishing in a stable manner. It has a well-designed structure and a durable and well-balanced body.it has the perfect structure to make sure the kayak will keep its balance in rough water streams as well as in calm water current. It is available in two exterior design i.e urban camo and brown camo.

#2, Interior

The interior of the kayak has sufficient and well structure space that provides a comfortable seat, rod holding stands, and also there is a hatch storage area with cup holder and paddle accommodation and the skin plate for easy and convenient storage.

The rear tank is also available to keep your coolers and crates and scuba tank in easy and organized manner.

#3, Balance and Weight Capacity

The kayak has a well-designed and angled body to provide resistance against rough streaming water and it can balance out the unbalancing movement of water to keep itself stay easy on the water. The overall weight capacity is said to be around 400-450 lbs or lower. It should be made sure that you use it if it is suitable for your body weight to balance while using it.

#4, Ease of Use

It has spacious accessory storage tanks and easy balancing body to make sure you will not have to worry about balancing in fast-moving waters. With its ease of use and easy maintenance, the kayak proves to be a good one for your fishing venture.

#5, Durable

The materials used in the making of this kayak is durable and provides strength to its body for a safe ride.

#6, Stability

This kayak comes with a perfect design to keep itself balanced and easy and can easily confront fast stream water to manage and track in a perfect manner.


  • The kayak is well balanced and keeps the water out of it if you are within the weight capacity.
  • It has sufficient space for storage and the fishing rod holders and the tank on the rear side allow the user to keep things easily in the space and stay comfortable while fishing.
  • It tracks perfectly and shows no issues while in use.
  • It has the capability to balance itself in fast-moving water so that you don’t have to cope with lots of water in your kayak.


  • Though the cons are not much apparent in this kayak, still you might have to look at the following aspects:
  • The kayak has a lower weight capacity as compared to what has been told about it. It may only be able to support around 250 or 300 lbs max to make sure you will not wetting yourself a lot. In case you are above that weight capacity, you need to prepare yourself for lots of water splashes coming on your seat.
  • The holders are not positioned properly and should be kept in a range that is easy to reach out and manage them quickly.
  • The larger tank is said to be dry tank which is not actually capable of giving you a dry storage rather, it may get into some water splashes and may cause the things to get wet.

As a whole, the kayak is well-designed, has a great balance in any kind of water speed and is capable of providing enough space and easy organization to keep things in place properly. Customers have shared their experiences to show that it is one of the best and provides the perfect kayaking and fishing experience in water streams.

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Video: OCEAN KAYAK Fishing Prowler 13 Kayak

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#7, Conclusion

This Ocean kayak prowler 13 reviews provides excellent features and an ability to enjoy all the quality aspects of kayak fishing. You don’t have to worry about the balancing and water splashing coming in your kayak as it will manage to get through it without leaving you and your accessories soaked in water.

Though you may have to look for the weight capacity to keep you away from any kind of issues. To make sure you have fishing kayak, you should not miss out this one as your preferred choice and keep it with you for your fishing adventure.

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